Bassil meets with delegation of Muslim Scholars, British Conservative Party, and European Bank official

Caretaker Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister, Gebran Bassil, welcomed on Wednesday a delegation representing the Muslim Scholars Association headed by Sheikh Hassan Abdullah.

“The meeting had been an occasion to broach an array of matters involving the Lebanese situation at all levels,” Abdallah said in the wake of the meeting.

He lauded what he described as Minister Bassil’s “practical response” exposing the lies of the Israeli enemy’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who accused Lebanon of possessing weapon depots in the whereabouts of Beirut airport road.

“This is another type of resistance; it’s a diplomatic resistance, in which Minister Bassil has proven to be very efficient and professional,” the Muslim scholar said, noting as well the Minister’s constant efforts to ensure a safe return of Syrian refugees to their homeland.

“We have confirmed the need to accelerate the formation of the government; however, it is necessary to adopt a single criterion, which is based on the results obtained in parliamentary elections,” Abdallah added.

Moreover, he heaped praise on Minister Bassil’s fresh stance on the issue of Palestinian refugees, especially with regard to halting UNRWA’s support and seeking to settle Palestinians in the countries where they have taken refuge.

“It is well known that rejecting naturalization is part of our constitution,” Sheikh Abdallah added.

Separately, Bassil had an audience with head of the Legal Department at the European Bank for Reconstruction Development in London, with whom he discussed European banking activities and transactions in Lebanon.

Minister Bassil also welcomed a British delegation from the Conservative Party, headed by Sir Hugo George William Swire.

“We have been honored to be welcomed by Minister Bassil, especially in our capacity as part of the Middle East Governors’ Council, an organization that seeks to understand the situation in the region,” Swire said on emerging, adding that talks with Bassil mainly touched on the situation in Lebanon and the region.

Minister Bassil later received copies of the credentials of four newly appointed ambassadors to Lebanon, namely those of Brazil, Croatia, Ghana, and Congo.

Source: National News Agency