Barksanem ready to serve Ghana with its products

Accra- Management of Barksanem� (BKM�), an Artisanal Mining License Company, wants to extend its portfolio of technologies in precious metals extraction, digital money, and tracking to Ghana and other mining communities to ensure environmental preservation.

The Company, currently operating in Burkina Faso with another office in the United States, makes its expertise accessible internationally through the commercialisation of its license and offers operational solutions, mineral resource management, natural resource remediation, and innovative agricultural programmes for communities.

Through its mining operations on the African Continent, it has acquired expertise and clear vision of the territorial sustainable development in line with international accords and it is ready to discuss partnership options with local businesses, actors in the mining sector as well as financial institutions.

Mr Etienne Atger, the Chief Executive Officer of BKM�, told the Ghana News Agency in a telephone interview that for far too long, the extractive industry in Africa and elsewhere had been synonymous with injustice, poverty, violence, and trafficking of all kinds.

He said the economic landscape of West Africa, gold mining and the incentive policies of various governments in Africa, among other things, motivated the company to establish in Africa.

With its unique vision of sustainable development and to be more in tune with local dynamics, BKM� had undertaken extensive research to help with the development agenda over the years.

We worked to develop partnerships with experts in different fields; environment, agriculture, education, and health, he said.

Touching on job creation, Mr Atger said the company works in harmony with traditional authorities to integrate the mining activities and all ancillary projects within the development framework of those areas.

One of the first initiatives of the Company is to integrate the available local population and particularly the young people. Recruitment is done in direct consultation with the chiefs, Mr Atger said.

Through our approach, our intentions and our skills, we want an implantation area to be on the concrete path of development, maintaining the respect of the local traditions… well after our departure.

Ultimately, while making it possible to become a prosperous mining company, the BKM� License contributes to producing, through mining, virtuous dynamics for the micro-communities with economic, social and environmental development.

Source: Ghana News Agency