‘Don’t arrest Innocent people in soldier’s death’

Gomoa Kokofu (C/R), The law enforcement agencies looking for the murderers of Captain Adam Mahama, have been cautioned not to arrest people not connected to the cruel act, since it would not serve the interest of natural justice.

Prophet Alexus Hubamoulda Jehu-Appiah, the Leader of Peniel Prayer Camp at Gomoa Kokofu in the Central Region, told the Ghana News Agency that although the security organisations had done well in smoking out the murderers, the zeal should not lead to miscarriage of justice.

I am very happy how the Army and Police have arrested almost all those captured in the video circulating on the social media, killing a promising young soldier like an animal. By the sight of God I know the criminals will get the justice they deserve.

Per the laws of Ghana they may also be punished, but the good Lord abhors the punishment of the innocent, he said.

Captain Mahama was beaten and stoned to death on May 29 by some residents of Denkyira �Obuasi who accused him of being an armed robber.

His lifeless body was stripped and set ablaze.

Captain Mahama from the Fifth Infantry Brigade in Accra was the Commander of a military detachment combating illegal mining (galamsey) in the Region.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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