Assembly passes law to regulate movement of cattle in the Afram Plains

Samanhyia The Kwahu Afram Plains South District Assembly has passed bye-laws to regulate the movement and management of cattle in the district to help minimize clashes between crop farmers and cattle headsmen during this harmattan season.

Speaking during the 34th Farmers Day celebration in the district at Samanhyia, Mr George Ofori, the District Chief Executive (DCE), said the Wawase Fodder bank has been re- engineered to provide ranching services to support the enforcement of the bye-law.

He said government has spent huge sums of money on the project and it must be put to good use to justify the investment made.

Mr Ofori warned that any recalcitrant cattle owner who would deviate from the rules and regulations would face the law.

He urged the traditional authorities to provide land to cattle farmers who would want to construct simpler ranches to confine their cattle.

Mr Ofori urged the public to keep themselves abreast themselves with the content of the bye- law to avoid being a victim.

Source: Ghana News Agency