Apostle Professor Asuming-Brempong advises Christians to be diligent

Accra, Apostle Professor Samuel Asuming-Brempong, the Chairman of the Ghana National Council of the Great Commission Church International (GCCI), has advised Christians to be industrious and meticulous wherever they find themselves.

He said there was dignity in hard work; therefore, Christians must strive to do their best at whatever their hands find to do.

Apostle Prof Asuming-Brempong gave the advise on Sunday in his homily at the climax of the GCCI annual Prayer, Praises and Anointing Service (PPAS) in Accra.

The service was attended by congregants from the various branches of the Church in and around Accra-Tema area.

The annual PPAS is held to pray, praise and thank God for his goodness towards the Church, and to anoint the congregants for greater works.

Speaking on the topic “Seeking God’s Promotion”, Apostle Prof Asuming-Brempong said “the God we serve is a good God”; and that he expects his children to be hardworking.

He noted that hard work leads to promotion, honour and dignity.

Apostle Prof Asuming-Brempong said having wealth was good, but Christians must not use corrupt practices and illegal means to acquire wealth; stating that God does not like people who swindle others.

He also appealed to Ghanaians to fear God and eschew the evil canker of corruption adding that “what shall it profit a man, when he gains the whole world and loses his soul”.

Apostle Prof Asuming-Brempong reminded Christians that God had endowed them with gifts, and that they were accountable to God as stewards of the gifts.

Quoting from the Bible, Apostle Prof Asuming-Brempong said when Christ ascended to heaven after his resurrection, he gave gifts unto the Church such as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.

He urged Christians to awake their God-given gifts and talents, and put them into practice.

Apostle Prof Asuming-Brempong said promotion was from God, and that God would promote Christians who utilise their gifts and talents in his service.

Source: Ghana News Agency