Apostle Adanu encourages Christians to pursue peace

Ho, The Apostle Richard Kwami Adanu, the first Vice Chairman, Great Commission Church International (GCCI) Ghana National Council, has encouraged Christians to pursue peace with all people.

“We are to do all that we can from our side to be at peace with people,” Apostle Adanu stated in his New Year’s message at GCCI, Ho branch watch night church service to usher in the New Year.

“It means we have a definite part to play in bringing about and maintaining peace,” he said.

“We should not think that it is only the other person who should make sure that we have peace,” he added.

He noted that; “similarly, for us to prosper, we must work and work hard and smartly”.

He said Ghanaians, and especially, Christians must learn to work; declaring that; “we must work for peace and unity”.

Apostle Adanu said many people considers prosperity only in terms of money and material things; stating that “prosperity, however, is that whatever one sets out to do ends well as it is expected.

He said absolute obedience to God and his word is what brings prosperity and good success.

He said humility and the fear of God brings riches, honour and life.

Quoting from the gospel of Matthew, Apostle Adanu urged Christians to seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness, and all other things shall be added to them.

He further advised Christians to seek God, follow him, live in obedience to him whilst they work hard, working for peace and prosperity, and developing good relationships with people in line with God’s Word.

He also advised Christians to draw nearer to God, and he would direct them their course.

“I therefore call on Christians and all Ghanaians to draw closer to God in 2018. Let us live in obedience to His Word whilst we play our part in everything in line with God’s Word. Then the year will be a blessed one for us,” he said.

Speaking on the theme: “What are your expectations for 2018, Apostle Adanu said; “God can be gracious to us and give us certain things we do not expect in a year and we can say the year is good, however, what we sow is what we reap.

“If we work, we get the result, and if we do not work too we get the commensurate result. God wants us to have peace, joy, prosperity, succeed and every good thing we can think of”.

He pointed out that for that to happen however, we need to sow the seeds of peace, seeds of joy, seeds of prosperity, seeds of success and many more.

“We cannot be sowing seeds that destroy those things we desire and yet expect the good things to come,” he said.

Source: Ghana News Agency


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