Aoun receives Ghana’s Minister of Defense: We want to strengthen bilateral relations

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Tuesday lauded the role of Ghana’s UNIFIL contingent in the context of its mission to preserve security and stability and implement resolution 1701.

The President, who met with Ghana’s Minister of Defense, Dominic Bingab Aduna Nitiwal, currently on a visit to Lebanon to inspect UNIFIL’s Ghanaian contingent, confirmed Lebanon’s desire to strengthen relations between Lebanon and Ghana.

Aoun asked the minister to congratulate his Ghanaian counterpart on his recent election as head of state, wishing him success in his mission.

He also thanked Ghana for hosting the Lebanese Diaspora, for more than a hundred years ago, and for its support to Lebanon.

For his part, the Ghanaian Minister said that the Ghanaian UNIFIL force would continue its mission of preserving peace in South Lebanon, noting that the policy of his country was constant in support of Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency