Android Oreo is the perfect companion for your Nokia Device – GM

Accra- Mr Joseph Umunakwe, the General Manager of HMD Global, West, East and Central Africa has said that, in a fast-paced world, your smartphone ally, the Android Oreo (Go Edition) is the perfect companion for your Nokia device.

The Android Oreo (Go Edition), promise pure, secure and up-to-date Android experience with smaller, pre-loaded apps.

It has more storage space and control over how content is stored, which helps customers to save space with up to two times more available storage out of the box with fewer pre-installed and re-imagined Google apps.

It also features a data saver and helps to conserve data by managing when apps can use background data.

In a release copied to the Ghana News Agency, Mr Umunakwe noted that; apart from the impeccable craftsmanship of our devices, HMD strives to create meaningful partnerships with other industry leaders to allow us to produce a user-friendly interface on all Nokia devices.

One of these partnerships has heralded a new dawn in accessibility and simplicity, the Android Oreo (Go Edition), the perfect companion for your Nokia device.

Mr Umunakwe further observed that; optimising smartphone experience, is at the heart of everything we do at HMD. Android Oreo (Go Edition) helps us create a simple and efficient interface for all users.

It is a lighter, faster way to search, easy-to-use and works fast even on low-RAM devices and unstable network connections.

According to the release, YouTube Go, a newly redesigned lighter version of YouTube for users who need an everyday video companion, even when they have limited data or a slow connection allow users to choose the amount of data they use when they watch a video.

Google Go is a brand new app that makes it easy to find popular queries, top websites and apps, trending images and Gif’s at blazing speed with minimal typing, which helps to cut down on typing and makes discovering popular content faster with unstable network connections.

This new version, which runs on the Nokia ‘1’ and available in Warm Red and Ink Blue, is made to work with less storage and slower connections, which means, you can now completely control how much data is being used and check how much storage is left before you download.

It instantly share videos without using data, where you can save up to 40% data when searching and it is now easier than ever to find all your favourite apps and websites just a tap away.

Source: Ghana News Agency