An Open Letter To The Central Regional Minister, Hon. Kwame Duncan

Dear Honourable Minister,

A huge opportunity has just come up, for you to leave a legacy as regional minister, which only a few African politicians can dream of: The commercialization of ecocoboard production in your region, to lift many in the region’s base-of-the-pyramid demographic, out of the poverty trap, by giving them the opportunity to bootstrap their own prosperity, through the ecocoboard production’s value-chain.

Sir, if you seize that golden opportunity, it will enable you – through public-private partnerships (PPP) involving CEDECOM and private-sector entities and individuals that this blog is in touch with – to transform the Central Region into one of the most prosperous parts of our homeland Ghana, through the export of ecocoboards worldwide.

Hon. Minister, as we speak, a Wageningen University and Research, faculty team, headed by Dr. Jan van Dam, stands ready to assist your regional administration to design a strategic plan, to enable the commercialization of the production of ecoboards, right across the Central Region, to be successfully implemented.

Please reach out to him directly (+31317480163), as soon as practicable, to enable your regional administration, officials of CEDECOM, and the 1-District-1-factory secretariat, to work in tandem with Dr. Jan van Dam’s faculty and its partners in the Philippines, Indonesia, and India, to enable your administration to kick-start the new green economy, which will make the Central Region, one of the most prosperous parts of the Republic of Ghana.


Yours in the service of Mother Ghana,


Source: Modern Ghana