An Open Letter To Kwame Nkrumah-Tikesie Of Okay FM

Dear Tikesie,

How are you doing? I’m pretty much sure you’re fine by the grace of God just as I am. Even though I’ve begun this letter by extending to you warm pleasantries, I must say, this letter is not meant to be a friendly one. It’s also meant to be a short one.

You must be surprised why I should write to you in the open especially when we’ve not had any prior contact nor interaction. Moreso, I, just like many Ghanaians, have never been a fun of your shows because you come to the mic with hatched reputation.

Yes, it’s essentially important that I write this letter publicly in order to alert the public of your tricks. You’ve over the years been working as a stomach journalist whose modus operandi, is to please some political figures for pecuniary benefits.

Kwame, you were before the 2016 elections, accused by NPP of using your platform to run down our presidential candidate, Nana Addo which led to a boycott of Okay FM by my party. You later shamelessly came to apologise to my party which in effect, was an admission of wrongdoing. One of such wrongdoing which you admitted through your apology, could be the rumours that you took monies from Ibrahim Mahama to denigrate the NPP and its operatives.

As every reasonable human being would, I thought after that incident which continue to leave a huge dent on your reputation, you’d be a changed man but nay. You like to court attention through spilling false information about respectable persons in our society.

Your type of journalism is the easiest to do. Sitting on radio and talking about other people in a calculated attempt to soil their reputation. Whereas your colleagues are impacting society with journalism, yours is to fill your stomach. While others are building society with journalism, you’re building your stomach with the enviable profession.

In recent times, you’ve availed your platform for peddling fake news about ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas and I find that deeply troubling. Yesterday, I listened to an audio in which you accused Anas and Manasseh Azure of extorting money to do undercover journalism. In your typical style, your evidence was limited to nauseating commentary. No concrete evidence was provided.

Tikese3, you claimed there’s a man who claimed Anas caught him but he negotiated his way off the hook through Kweku Baako with Ghc500,000. Tikese3, to wit, bighead, has mythically been associated with wisdom in our culture but yours is a sickness as no wisdom emits from it. If you had wisdom, you would have been smart in putting out that lie in a manner that makes it difficult for people to see through it. You said the said man is ready to testify when a commission of inquiry is set up! Huh!

You’re obviously not smart as one would have thought. You think we’ve water in our heads? A commission for your so-called witness to come and testify? Disproportionate baloney! Not every journalist is as low as your level which got exposed in 2016 by NPP. It’s not Anas’ fault that you do not get attention. It’s not his fault that you do not get awards. It’s not his fault that you don’t make any impact. If your hatred for him is borne out of envy, then you must blame God for his blessings on Anas and yourself for throwing your integrity to the dogs.

Before I end, Kwame, don’t forget that, the name you bear, Kwame Nkrumah, is a very important name for Ghana and Africa. Don’t debase the name with your bad character. Kindly be guided by this.

I will surely petition the management of Okay fm to look at you very well otherwise, you’ll one day collapse that station with your misguided talks. Prove your case against Anas or shut up!

I know you’ll not change even after reading this letter but remember the fly that fails to listen to advice, goes into the grave with the corpse. Don’t allow your stomach to destroy you.

Yours moral police,

Source: Modern Ghana