Align your practices to your businesses, Human Resource practitioners urged

Accra- A day’s Human Resource (HR) forum on Aligning Human Resource to the attainment of business results has closed with a call on HR Practitioners to align their practices to their businesses.

It is believed that the alignment of their actions would help them get, keep and grow their HR goals that would ensure proactiveness.

Mr Isaac Sackey, an Executive Member of the National Governing Council of the Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners (IHRMP), who made the call during his presentation at the forum also urged the participants to be catalysts of change and game changers in their respective fields.

“Learn to define success, align and search for your HR goals, formulate specific passions, get everyone to buy in, measure and evaluate results, and adjust when needed,” he said.

Mr Sackey said currently, in an age of disruption, HR had a vital role to play to move the country and the world away from disruptive concerns and solve the challenges.

He said immigration, technology, religious, personality, politics, generational personality, social media and ethics were some of the disruptive challenges that behoved on HR Practitioners to use their proactivness to solve at their work places.

“HR members need to be proactive as work is no longer just confined to the office,” Mr Sackey said.

He said five challenges namely; exponential, technology, change, social and organizational setbacks are dwindling the progress of HR and it was time the myth was broken through the new phase of HR.

Admitting to the HR challenges, participants called for the attention of management and decision makers to have an understanding of the challenges in their various sectors and give room for them to help solve.

“HR metrics now indicates taking decisions on data, using technology, and technology to work is a challenge to HR practitioners, because we are used to the traditional 8am-5pm, forty hours in a week, but now we to appraise ourselves to training data,” Mr Leonard Quarcoopme, the Vice President of the HR Centre, and a participant at the forum said.

Mr Edward Kwapong, the President of IHRMP, called for a glass ceiling in terms of bridging of gender gaps in HR and giving women room to operate as well.

Among the topics treated in the day were; Age of Disruption, Disruptive Forces and HR Challenges, HR Strategy Formulation, Aligning HR strategy to Business Strategy, Basics of HR as a Business Partner and hr’s Role in Preparing for the Future.

Others were; HR Trends Impacting Success, Future Issues for Global Firms by the year 2020 as well as Aligning HR and Business Goals.

In all about 150 HR practitioners attended the day’s forum organised by the IHRMP in Accra on Friday.

Source: Ghana News Agency