Alan is Next, Bawumia is the Natural successor, but Time Favors Ken

All political watchers know what time it is. The mood of the nation is hungry for a “no-nonsense politically incorrect character” to lead the nation after President Akufo-Addo’s term ends. The times are hard. Global crisis is hitting Ghana so hard. Galamsey is decimating Ghana’s vegetational cover and poisoning our waters. Indiscipline swallows the very fabric of the Ghanaian society, whilst the levels of corruption grows is becoming frightening. Perception of state capture is at an alarming rate. “Fix the country” and “fixing the country” have become a household language. In all these, every Ghanaian who fancies politics is following events with keen interest and waiting for a unique presidential candidate that will effect the change we need. Any presidential candidate who appears bold and fearless will likely win votes of the desperate and hopeless younger generation.

Many would have loved to see Bawumia and Samira as the first family or another gentle giant Alan leading NPP into victory in 2024, but it might not happen in times like these. Although the former president Mahama is seemingly becoming popular due to disappointments borne out of the current crisis, majority of Ghanaians do not trust he has the answer to the nation’s problems in a time like this. Ghanaians may just want to use him to punish the NPP government, but once somebody who is not the usual politician, a unique candidate leads the NPP, there would be a massive paradigm shift. A unique candidate changes the dynamics. A unique candidate would be the one who is characteristically different from the above three diplomatic and politically correct 2024 presidential hopefuls. Time for Mr. Nice is over. Time for diplomacy is over. Time for pleasing political godfathers is over. Time for shielding corrupt party officials is over. Time for boldness is here. Time for straight talk is here. Time to hire and fire must be born. Time to drain the swamp must be born. President-elect Kennedy Agyapong must be born in December 2024 and a new Ghana must be born in January 2025.

As fate and flaws of incumbency keep making it quite challenging to break the eight, the NPP needs an unusual businessman politician like Hon. Kennedy Agyapong to beat all odds. Hon. Ken fits well into the aspirations of typical Ghanaian voter for obvious reasons.

First is the government’s unpopularity borne out of the global crisis. Yes, the unfortunate global crisis is making governments around the globe unpopular. Fate has brought unwanted disaffection toward the NPP government. Any candidate presented as the face of this government may harm the NPP’s “breaking the eight” agenda. Surely, the opposition cannot present Hon. Ken as the face of this government. A propaganda card that would be played at the heat of 2024 election campaign. Hon. Ken is the only key figure in the NPP who speaks his mind, sometimes, unfavorable to his own government. He faces no incumbency disadvantage.

This is a time when there is a seemingly “calm civil agitation” in the country and people feel that the government has lost touch with reality. In times like this, you need a candidate who is perceived to be reasoning with the people. Ken’s consistency in speaking the mind of the masses will earn him the much needed floating votes.

Voters are disappointed with the incumbent and do not trust the opposition candidate, Mahama. Voters go into 2024 elections in a dilemma. The NPP needs a candidate who can reignite the hope Ghanaian voters had in NPP. The hope that made them give Nana Addo a try in 2016 and tried him again in 2020. With a little sense of hope, Ghanaians would prefer NPP in power than to bring back Mahama. With Ken, Ghanaians will certainly, give NPP’s presidential candidate a second chance.

Ghanaians are tired of indiscipline in the society and consequently punished the NDC for Mahama’s inability to crack the whip in his government. They had hope in the “no-nonsense” character of Nana Addo. One of the reasons why Nana Addo (the no-nonsense-man) won with that very big margin in 2016 against Mahama was that Ghanaians needed a bold person to clear the rot in the system and clean Mahama’s mess. Unfortunately, Ghanaians think that our current present president has been more of a soft “abusuapanyin” than a strickler for discipline. Equally, Ghanaians do not believe Mahama can fire his ministers as he could not do so when he was the president. There seems like a popular voice in the country crying for somebody to “drain the swamp” and fix the corrupt system. That’s why people jubilated when the president created the office of the special prosecutor. That’s why Dampare is so popular. That is why people wanted the former auditor-general to stay in office although he was due for retirement. That’s why everyone is applauding the special prosecutor. Ken’s presidency will be a turning point in the nation’s history, because he is the only bold and fearless presidential hopeful so far. Hon. Ken will clean up the rot in the system.

“Fix the country” or “fixing the country” has become a household chorus. The angry youth leading the charge have a belief that the usual political correctness, the status quo, or the establishment have no answers to fixing the country. They will give Hon. Ken a chance to fix the country and/or keep fixing it aggressively and in a revolutionary style. Ken will fix the country in style using all powers and authority vested in him as the president. If the term, “without fear or favor” will ever be meaningful in Ghana, Hon. Ken as the only bold and fearless president, would make that happen. Fixing the country is the change we need. We are not in ordinary times and so we need extraordinary leaders. Ken is not your usual politician. NPP, try him and the times will push Ghanaians to try him as well.

Ghanaians know what time it is. This time favors Kennedy Agyapong’s bid to become Ghana’s president. Alan Kyeremanteng has been positioned to be next in line for a long time, since the 2007 highly competitive NPP presidential primaries. A lot has happened since then, which has made Dr. Bawumia, the most popular vice-presidential candidate and two-term vice president, who is naturally positioned to succeed the president. NPP’s presidential primaries would have been a 2-horse race, if times were normal and ordinary. Ghanaians have lost faith in the usual politicians both in government and in opposition. This is why the next presidential election favors Ken and he will win against any usual politician.


Source: Modern Ghana

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