Agriculture for Human Delevopment NGO launched in Takoradi

Takoradi- Agricultural businesses and NGOs involved in the Agriculture sector have been urged to turn their attention to market-oriented agriculture in order to ensure that their produce are well marketed to create wealth for farmers.

They are also to ensure that they link up with the relevant institutions with the capacity to buy from rural farmers who are mostly dependent on the sector for improved livelihood and economic empowerment of the rural farmers.

Mr. Ebow Dublin, the Director for Monitoring and Evaluation at the Western Regional Office of the Ministry of Agriculture said this at the inaugural ceremony for “Agriculture for Human Development”, a farmer oriented NGO in Takoradi in the Western Region.

He was unhappy that support to the farmers from such NGOs often came in late in the crop season.

The Director indicated that over fifty four percent of the population were farmers and therefore called for massive attention to the sector to bring better hope and relieve to players in there.

“We are expecting that this Agriculture for Human Development group will complement the efforts of MOFA…recently, MOFA met some NGOs and established Agriculture institutions to open up to them, our doors are open to NGOs with innovative ideas to augment our work”, he added.

Present at the inaugural ceremony were farmer based organizations in the Western and Central Regions, Extension Officers and board members of the NGO.

Mr. Peter Atta Aidoo, the Executive Director of the NGO said the NGO was a registered organization in the United States of America who had extended its tentacles to help rural farmers to cover the numerous challenges in the area of capital and logistics.

He therefore called on all farmer based organizations within the Western and Central Regions to register with the NGO to enable them to enjoy the benefits that would soon be rolled out.

Source: Ghana News Agency