Aged and Widows Association inaugurated at Gomoa Pomadze

Gomoa Pomadze (C/R), An association for the aged and widows has been inaugurated at Gomoa Pomadze in Central Region with a call on the members to extend their house-to-house effort for more aged and widows in the community to join.

The idea for the formation of the group with initial membership of 52 was mooted by Nana Apata Kofi V Guantoahene of Gomoa Ajumako Traditional Area and also the Odikro of Gomoa Pomadze.

Nana Apata Kofi V said one of the important factors which moved him to undertake this useful initiative was to enable the middle-aged and the younger generations in the community to establish close contact with the aged and widows to share their rich experience and also tap their excellent ideas.

I am hopeful that when it becomes fully operational it would create a conducive platform for such important interactions and to also help them contribute fruitful ideas and suggestions on vital national issues.

The Guantoahene said although government has plans to aid the aged and other vulnerable groups in the country, it cannot attend to them individually unless they constitute themselves into groups.

When this is done, he said, then government, NGO’S and other philanthropists would easily channel any assistance they want to give out to such groups through their associations without any difficulty.

Nana Apata Kofi V pledged to help ensure the success of the operation of the association and appealed to the aged and widows in the communities who have not joined the group to do so without delay.

Mr J. Y. Owusu, Secretary of the Association, on behalf of the entire members of the group, expressed their profound gratitude to the Guantoahene for his love and fellow feeling for the aged, widows and other vulnerable groups in the town.

Mr Appiah-Kubi, an opinion leader in the town, said with the aged and widows coming together under umbrella the youth would learn from them and strengthen the spirit of love and oneness among the entire citizens of the community.

He appealed to members of the association to educate their aged relatives and widows on the need to register with the association and by so doing, aid in the development of the society.

Source: Ghana News Agency