Africa to get Regional Conflict Resolution Body


Accra,- A continental conflict resolution body, aimed at promoting dispute prevention and early resolution in the various economic, human, political and environmental sectors in Africa, is in the offing.


Among its objectives, the body, which is to be known as the Africa Association of ADR Professional Practitioners (AAAPP), will provide support to regional bodies such as the African Union Commission and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Secretariat to resolve disputes that require the intervention of institutions at the regional and sub-regional levels.


It is expected to involve ADR professionals and institutions across Africa to help to resolve cases such as trade, economic, social, political, electoral, governance, environmental and boundary disputes.


The AAAPP will offer a platform to enable ADR practitioners to contribute to free the continent from preventable conflicts.


Mr Austin Gamey, Chief Executive Officer of the Gamey and Gamey Group, who made the disclosure, said consultations and arrangements were underway for the establishment and launch of the association towards the end of next year.


Speaking at the closing session for the 2021 class of the Professional Executive Masters of ADR programme by the Gamey and Gamey ADR Institute at Tema, Mr Gamey noted that the association would help to promote rapid development through collaborative relationships among nations, institutions, and citizens on the continent.


As one of the founders of the association, he explained that Africa needed to be freed from the many conflicts that hindered her development.


He said it was common knowledge that if leaders and citizens of the continent worked cooperatively to create the future today, it should be able to harness well over 3.5 trillion USD instead of having cup-in-hand looking for IMF bailout and bonds with all manner of strings attached, some of which devalued the dignity of the people of the continent.


When operational, he said the association would also assist regional and sub-regional Summit of Heads of State to engage in negotiations on regional matters without running into deadlocks, and assist the regional bodies to resolve disputes by facilitating mediation of disputes.


In addition, he said the association would offer support in the training of political and national leaders, and officials of regional bodies, and the enhancement of conflict resolution protocols of the regional institutions.


He congratulated the trainees, awaiting their graduation, on their successful participation on the programme, trusting that the skills gained would enable them to facilitate the resolution of disputes in all sectors across the country.


Nana Essilfua Tamakloe, the class president, who is the Director of Marketing and Corporate Relations at Absa Bank Ghana, giving her remarks, lauded the course content, describing it as highly impactful.


She said although they enrolled in the course with their different experiences as leaders from various fields, “the programme has created better versions of ourselves and better leaders of others.”


Source: Ghana News Agency

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