Africa is the lighthouse of the World – Evangelist Tomazsewski

Accra- Evangelist Siegfried Tomazsewski, Vice President One-God One -Day One-Africa (1GDA), has said Africa is the lighthouse of the world due to how the continent has been transformed through preaching of the Gospel.

He said before now Africa was seen to be a land in darkness and lost to sin, whereas the Europe and Americas were seen to be in the light.

“Many people living in Europe and America sadly are not born again, they don’t belong to any religion and know nothing about God,” Evangelist Tomazsewski said.

He said this in his remarks at the launch of the 1GDA crusade which seeks to preach the Gospel of Christ across Africa through all 46 nations which are open to the Gospel.

This would be done simultaneously in partnership with ministries and churches across the globe from May 28th to May 31st, 2020 to empower the continent for the next move of God.

Evangelist Tomazsewski said there is going to be a mighty wave of God to move Evangelists from Africa to bring the lost souls around the continent back to the light of the Gospel.

He said as planning for the event was underway, 35 countries have already been adopted by churches or ministries for the event leaving eleven to be covered.

Evangelist Tomazsewski said there is an arrangement to send thousands of local evangelists across the continent who would travel to villages, towns and parts of cities which could not be reached through technology to share the Gospel directly.

He said the Gospel has the power to unite the continent because at the foot of the cross the souls of men were not differentiated by their skin colour or place of origin.

Evangelist Jennifer Wilde, President of 1GDA, said the revelation for the crusade was given to her about 37 years ago.

She said she was delighted that the first ever event of this kind in the world was going to take place and transform people across the continent and globe within three days through preaching of the Gospel.

Evangelist Wilde said some Ghanaian evangelists who have already adopted some nations for the crusade included Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, Reverend Dr Ampiah Koffie and other outstanding crusaders of the Gospel.

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, President, Christ for All Nations; Evangelist Daniel King, President, King Ministries Intetnational; Dr Heidi G Baker, Chief Executive Office Iris Global; and Evangelist Marian Asamoah-Annim, President Jesus is Lord Crusade have together with other ministers also given their endorsement to the event.

Evangelist Marian Asamoah-Annim, said the Gospel had the power to influence, transform and empower people to effect changes in their communities and make the continent a better place.

Source: Ghana News Agency