Advans Ghana holds forum for SMEs

Accra Advans Ghana Savings and Loans Limited, an international financial institution committed to promoting businesses, has organised a forum for Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurs (SMEs) to boost working relationships amongst them.

The forum, which was held in Accra, also created a platform for customers to voice out their plans, aspirations and concerns.

The forum was attended by participants from fifty-six institutions, representing both prospective clients and existing customers.

Mr Olivier Bailly-Bechet, Chief Executive Officer of Advans Ghana, said the presence of participants was the evidence that even in the midst of the recent financial and banking crisis, customers still regarded them as a reliable financial partner.

He assured participants of their continuous commitment to promoting SMEs because they are the ones who are in need of financing.

Mr Bailly-Bechet said their goal was not to give out loans that would end up collapsing businesses but more importantly, they are in to help businesses grow the right way and at the right pace.

Advans Ghana takes note of the type of business you operate, your strengths and what we know would suit you, so that you can pay back and not necessarily compromise on other vital aspects of your business and family, he said.

Mr Thomas Tuffour, SME Manager for Advans Ghana, said with the aftermath of the Bank of Ghana restructuring the savings and loans sector, a lot customers; businessmen and businesswomen are uncertain of the preparedness of entities like theirs to serve them.

Thus, the forum was one of the many means through which awareness is being created for the public to be assured of Advans Ghana Savings and Loans Limited preparedness to meet their financing needs.

Mr Tuffour urged participants to remain confident and continue partnering with them adding that their doors are always open to receive their concerns.

We are not only interested in helping businesses grow bigger but also we are more interested in those with very small beginnings so that we grow with you, he said.

Mr Tuffour said that first timers who did not have prior savings with Advans Ghana are eligible to loans to the tune of GHC 1.4 million.

However, existing customers, he said, who continue to maintain good relationships with the financial institution stand at an advantage of having the interest rates on their loans reduced.

Mr Tuffour said in order for participants to attract financing from the financial institution, they are to be transparent and open in providing required information.

They were also urged to organise necessary documentation and record-keeping which should encompass all their activities.

Mr Tuffour urged participants to keep them updated on future plans to help them make preparations towards meeting the demands of those plans as and when the time came.

With over 65,000 customers, Advans Ghana offers small and medium-sized enterprises, micro entrepreneurs and individuals the opportunity to grow their businesses and improve their standard of living through adapted loans, advantageous deposit products and accessible financial services.

Source: Ghana News Agency