Accra Technical University calls for stakeholder partnership

Accra, Professor Sylvester Achio, the Interim Vice Chancellor of the Accra Technical University has called on stakeholders of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) to empower institutions for effectiveness and increase employability.

Professor Achio noted that TVET institutions were able to build the skills needed for the industry saying, it was necessary for government, industry, the private organisations and each of the public institutions to collaborate in the formulation of the curricular, the provision of on-the-job training and the certification of skills offered.

He was speaking at the opening ceremony of a three-day national skills exhibition to commemorate this year’s World Youth skills day, which was on the theme: Skills Development to improve Youth Employment.

The Interim Vice Chancellor, who was presenting on the topic: Roles of TVET in preparation of quality and competitive skilled manpower for Ghana’s industrial growth, indicated that TVET institutions had the capacity to unleash the potentials by offering skills aimed at rural development, establishment and sustenance of small and medium enterprises.

Professor Achio said the capacity of TVET institutions to realise their full potentials in the country was hindered by inadequate tools and equipment for practical training and keeping the pace with technological advancement.

He added that curricula in institutions were outdated and that attachments as well as linkages to industry were poorly planned and inadequately supervised.

People’s attitude to vocational training, mismatch between skills taught and those demanded by industries due to inability to update curriculum and low participation of private sector, which is necessary to bridge the gap of school and work, Professor Achio said.

Quoting the Ghana Labour Market Profile 2014, he said there was a huge demand for provide short-term vocational training for the workers in the informal economy to improve their small businesses.

Professor Achio said the relatively higher unemployment rate among the educated was an indication of limited job creation in formal sector to absorb the increasing number of graduates.

The Interim Vice Chancellor noted that the ATU, as a tertiary TVET institution undertook measures to improve skills and build capacity in both formal and informal sectors through various approaches and with collaboration with industries.

Professor Achio said there was the need to intensify attachment, internship and training programmes to produce quality and competitive skilled work force for Ghana’s industrial growth.

He added that there was the need to institute demand-driven programmes and regular review of curricula to meet the dynamics of time.

Professor Achio noted that there was also the need to promote innovation, creativity and re-orientation of minds of students and staff on TVET programmes.

He added that there was the need to promote the establishment of adequate and needed infrastructure and human resource base.

The three-day national day of exhibition, which was an initiative of Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training and supported by ATU saw the exhibition of some artisanal works by students of the University.

Some of the works on exhibition were mobile phone radiation detector, yam flakes, furniture designs, palatinated animals and animal parts for learning purposes, clothing, and GSM system, which assist in identifying illegal connections in electricity supply.

Source: Ghana News Agency