Academic City College to prepare students to fit in industries

Accra, – The President of Academic City College Dr. Fred McBagoniuri has stated that the school seeks to provide good teaching technology which will enable students to transfer class projects into the industry.

He made this statement at the Ghana Technology Summit which took place in Accra.

Academic City College has an ultramodern campus under construction and is seeking to change tertiary learning in Africa with premium teaching talent and activity-based learning.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Dr McBagoniuri revealed that the school had invested 2.2 million dollars in equipment for its laboratory.

We have invested 2.2 million dollars in equipment for our laboratories. We are buying industrial level equipment so that whatever practical experience our science and technology student experience is transferable to the industry. We have course specific laboratories, so if it is mechanical engineering or mechanics labs you have dedicated infrastructure to do that.

He stressed on mechanisms the school was putting in place to improve other educational sectors.

We are also focusing on improving our deployment mechanisms which means whether you are studying arts or business you get the opportunity to have hands on experience. Not just theoretical stuffs.

He said although Ghana had a conducive business atmosphere, the country was at its early stage in technology and lacked resources.

The technology space is at it early stage in Ghana and as this conference indicated, there is an interest globally. Our economy is growing so there is definitely an interest for people to come in here. But we are at very early stage. We have institutions like Impact Hub that is beginning to drive this ecosystem and that’s exactly what we are going to do in our campus.

The Co-Founder of the school Neeraj Varyani stated that students of this school are going to be smart and bright.

Academic City College also has a Technology and Entrepreneurship Centre (TEC) programme which provides opportunity and training-rich environment for entrepreneurial ideas and early-stage start up.

Source: Ghana News Agency