ABii National wins Top Emerging Brand Award

Accra, ABii National Savings and Loans Limited, one of the leading non-bank financial services providers, has been voted the ‘Top Emerging Brand’ and ‘The Most Promising Savings and Loans Brand’ in Ghana in 2016.

A citation accompanying the award said: “For having been voted the ‘Top Emerging Brand’ and ‘The Most Promising Savings and Loans Brand’ in Ghana in 2016, which confirms the immense role the Brand has played in the last three years in leading the way towards excellence in branding.”

“This also testifies of the competence of the team behind the brand and confirms the team’s superiority in brand building through successful strategy execution.”

The “Top Emerging Brand Award” was won by ABii National Savings and Loans Company, for the fact that the ABii National Brand had improved its presence significantly in recent times.

The Brand Excellence Award event was organised by Premier Brands Ghana to honour businesses which were making everything possible to improve the value of their brands.

The Premier Brand is a Ghanaian owned registered organisation involved in general brand building services such as Brand Management, Brand Analysis, Market Analysis, Market Research and advisory services in the area of branding.

It also provides companies the opportunity to leverage on the strength of their brand’s and encourages companies to take advantage of their brand equity.

ABii National Savings and Loans Company, a proud member of the Tobinto Group of Companies, was founded in 2011 and licensed under the Non- Bank Financial Institutions Law, 2008, (Act 774) to provide financial services to the public.

ABii National aims to become a first class universal bank of choice by deploying the best personnel and technology to deliver excellent banking services to all customers and increasing shareholders value.

Receiving the award, an elated Mr Bennet Ashie, the Head of Corporate Affairs and Service Excellence, ABii National Savings and Loans Ltd, said “We are excited about this, because we have worked hard towards it”.

He said ABii National, products and services were structured to enable customers enjoy the benefits of one-stop financial solutions.

Mr Ashie explained that these financial solutions were anchored on the core values of the company, which were integrity, customer focus, service, creativity and accountability.

“We ensure customized solutions to address each customer’s challenges, needs and capacity without constraining the customers’ ability to become competitive,” he said.

Mr Ashie said: “Our commitment towards a customer oriented brand has made us develop a whole department to ensure that quality service is a hallmark of the company.”

“We also really appreciate our customers for their business and for helping us win these awards.”

Mr Ashie paid tribute to the ABii National Board, Management and Staff for their hard over the years; stating that their uniqueness in providing a one-stop financing solutions was due to their highly motivated professional staff with proven track records and expertise in delivering cutting edge solutions.

He dedicated the Award to the ABii National Board, Management and Staff.

He also extended their gratitude to Premier Brands Ghana for recognising the efforts of ABii National and was optimistic more successes would be chalked by the Company in the near future.

Professor Pikay Richardson of the Manchester Business School, said Brand Excellence Award was just to encourage people to create brand, because branding was an excellent way of competing in a world that was not competitive.

He said branding also improves profits, because there were very many advantages about branding.

Prof Richardson said branding was one of the competitive strategies used to make customers, maintain them and give them a service, which would keep them.

He said brands must be promoted through advertisement year by year, so that it doesn’t die; stating that “however, good anything is, its importance may wane, that is why you must keep advertising”.

Prof Richardson said Guinness was established in 1759, but it was still around because the Company keeps on promoting the brand.

Mr Eric Affaidu, the Chief Executive Officer of Premier Brands Ghana, said the aim of the Brand Excellence Awards was to pay tribute to outstanding brands.

“It is not easy to build a brand. It is easy to advertise, it is easy to send sales men all over to do any marketing that you want, but it is not easy to build your company as a brand,” he said.

“No company can survive beyond 60 years, but when you build a brand, it can be forever,” Mr Affaidu said adding that the rational was to encourage organisations to appreciate the discipline of branding.

Source: Ghana News Agency