A-G’s report: Delayed, abandoned, equipped but unused projects amount to over GH¢200 million

The Auditor General’s report on the management of the COVID-19 expenditure has revealed that delayed projects, abandoned projects, and equipped but not in use projects that were to help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic costs over GH¢200 million.

The report showed that equipped Isolation Centres that are not in use are valued at GH¢29,173,260, projects that were to be completed in 6 months and had not been completed after 30 months were valued at GH¢158,072,331 whiles projects that have been abandoned cost GH¢15,000,000.

“During our verification and inspection of projects in November 2022, we noted that three treatment, isolation, and holding centers completed at a total cost of GH¢29,173,259.90 was yet to be put to use,” parts of the report read.

Source: Ghana Web