Why non-chiefs and queen mothers in Ada can’t wear these beads

Every ethnic group has their own distinct culture and traditions that map them out as unique people and this is the case among the people of the Ada traditional area.

As part of their traditions, they have a set of rules and regulations termed ‘taboos’ that all indigenes of the area are to abide by.

One of such taboos has to do with the wearing of beads.

Speaking to GhanaWeb’s People and Places team, Stool Prince of the Kabiawe Yumu clan, Ayiku Akuako, explained that there are some specific beads that signify authority among the Ada people.

And the order in which they are worn is also very symbolic. As such, not everybody can wear these beads.

One of these beads is white and is made with a single thread. Only chiefs and queen mothers are supposed to wear them.

He also added that one cannot wear more than 2 or 3 beads in the presence of a chief priest, chief or queen mother. Anyone who does this seeks to challenge authority and will therefore be punished accordingly, he added.

‘You don’t use more than
2 or 3 beads in the presence of the queen, mothers, and chiefs. It’s like you are challenging them because they elected them from our midst and made us head them,’ he said.

‘There’s a specific bead you don’t wear. If you see the chiefs and queen mothers, there’s a specific bead they wear, a white one with only one thread in it. It’s a taboo, if you are found wearing it, they’ll fine you and hold you responsible,’ he added.

Ayiku Akuako also noted that caps or hats are not worn in the presence of chiefs and queen mothers for the same reasons.

‘If you are not a chief, you don’t put on caps or hats when the chief and queen mother are around,’ he indicated.

Source: Ghana Web

Unveiling ‘Epo Kokoo’: Eunice Asumadu’s musical masterpiece

Ghanaian gospel musician Eunice Asumadu, currently based in the USA, has recently unveiled her latest song for the year, ‘Epo Kokoo’.

This new release showcases her talent and dedication to spreading uplifting messages through music.

With two albums already under her belt, Eunice Asumadu continues to captivate audiences with her soulful voice and meaningful lyrics.

Her passion and drive for preaching the good gospel have now culminated in the release of her latest single, ‘Epo Kokoo,’ accompanied by an enthralling, eye-catching music video.

‘Epo Kokoo,’ which means The Red Sea, showcases her unparalleled vocal prowess and a masterful blend of diverse musical elements, creating an uplifting and soul-stirring journey as a musical phenomenon.

It captures hearts not only in the USA and Ghana but also resonates with audiences worldwide.

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Stonebwoy sues Baba Sadiq for defamation, demands GH?3 million in damages

2024 Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA) Artiste of the Year, Livingstone Etse Satekla, popularly known as Stonebwoy, has sued the National Democratic Congress Parliamentary Candidate for Okaikwei South, Baba Sadiq Abu, for defamation of character.

The suit filed at an Accra High Court on May 31, 2024, is asking the court to order Baba Sadiq to delete several X (formerly Twitter) posts and to also impose a fine of GHC3 million on the defendant for damages caused to Stonebwoy’s reputation.

Ahead of the 2024 TGMA, Baba Sadiq who also doubles as an entertainment critic, embarked on a crusade for a contender to win the Artiste of the Year category ahead of the Afro-dancehall artiste.

In a social media banter, Baba Sadiq made several claims against Stonebwoy, accusing him of being a violent female abuser, among other issues.

He alleged that Stonebwoy had personally called his wife on phone to threaten her for campaigning against him.

Meanwhile, there are reports indicating that the Ghana Police Service has exte
nded an invitation to Stonebwoy over a complaint lodged against him at the Mile 7 Police Station in Accra.

The invitation is said to be in relation to his alleged threats on Baba Sadiq and his wife.

Source: Ghana Web

Say no to marriage – Socialite tells her fans

Reality star cum actress, Josephina Otabor, popularly known as Phyna, has shared her contemplation of remaining unmarried following a troubling experience.

The winner of Big Brother Naija Season 6, took to social media to advocate for rejecting the institution of marriage, urging her followers to “say no to marriage.”

In response to a curious fan’s inquiry about her decision, Phyna revealed that she had witnessed a disturbing incident of domestic violence.

She recounted how she intervened to help stop a man from physically assaulting his wife, but unfortunately, the situation escalated beyond their control, leaving her deeply disheartened.

Posting on her X handle, Phyna wrote: “Say no to marriage [cancel emoji].” When questioned by a fan about her reasoning, she explained, “I just saw a man beating his wife, and I stopped to join others in trying to intervene…but unfortunately, he was uncontrollable. It was a deeply upsetting experience.”

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Richie Mensah advocates transformation in the entertainment industry

Richie Mensah, the acclaimed Ghanaian singer-songwriter and record producer known by his stage name Richie, delivered a compelling address at the Lynx Entertainment headquarters.

He underscored the pressing need for collaboration, mindset shifts, and proper industry education to propel Ghana’s entertainment sector forward.

During the hangout event, Richie highlighted two core issues hindering the industry: a lack of collaboration and a misguided mindset. He stressed that success in the entertainment world requires a proactive and educated approach, which many currently lack.

“You can’t go far in life without the right mindset,” Richie asserted. He emphasized the importance of understanding industry basics, such as contract signing and financial management, which many artistes overlook.

Richie pointed out that the entertainment industry suffers from a lack of respect and recognition, partly due to the perceived simplicity of artistic endeavors. He lamented, “Art is made to look easy… We don’t let people
see the true effect of our industry on the lives of others.” This misconception, he argued, undermines the industry’s value and the hard work of its participants.

In response to these challenges, Richie unveiled the “Live the Music” initiative, aimed at transforming the industry through education and practical exposure. A key component of this initiative is the introduction of “Lynk’s Cubs” in high schools across Ghana. This program will categorize students into three zones: the red zone for behind-the-scenes creatives, the gold zone for future stars, and the green zone for industry support roles. Through practical experience and mentorship, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the entertainment industry, preparing them for future leadership roles.

Richie announced that ten schools have already agreed to implement Lynxk’s Cubs, marking a significant step toward cultivating a knowledgeable and skilled next generation. By integrating practical industry education into the school curriculum, Rich
ie aims to ensure that future entertainers are well-equipped to navigate and succeed in the industry.

Source: Ghana Web

Police invite Stonebwoy for questioning over alleged threat on Baba Sadiq

The Ghana Police Service has reportedly extended an invitation to the reigning Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA) Artiste of the Year, Stonebwoy, for allegedly making threats of harm against Baba Sadiq Abu, the National Democratic Congress parliamentary candidate for Okaikoi South.

This action follows a report filed by Baba Sadiq at the Mile 7 Police Station in Accra, on June 7, 2024.

Baba Sadiq claims that he received a call from Stonebwoy prior to the TGMA, during which call, the artiste expressed reservations about Baba Sadiq’s support for another artiste in the Artiste of the Year category.

“When he called, he questioned me and sought to find out if I was content with the happenings on social media. Before I could fully articulate my response, he warned me, ‘if we meet physically, I should maintain the same energy,’ which, given his tone and reputation, I interpreted as a threat of physical harm,” Baba Sadiq wrote in his statement to the police.

He also stated that during a rehearsal for the TGMA, Ston
ebwoy’s manager attacked an acquaintance who was seated next to him.

The police have reportedly requested Stonebwoy to appear at the Mile 7 Police Station on Monday, June 10, 2024, for questioning.

In a related development, Stonebwoy has filed a defamation lawsuit against Baba Sadiq at an Accra High Court.

The lawsuit, filed on May 31, 2024, seeks a court order for Baba Sadiq to remove several posts from X (formerly Twitter) and to impose a fine of GH?3 million on the defendant for the alleged damage caused to Stonebwoy’s reputation.

Stonebwoy invited to the police for questioning over his ‘threatening’ to Baba Sadiq and wife

He has been asked to report to the Mile 7 Police Station on Monday morning between the hours of 10am – 12noon.

Source: Ghana Web

Poor turnout at dumsor vigil highlights the hypocrisy of Ghanaians – Nana Romeo

Radio show host, Nana Romeo, has expressed frustration regarding the lack of support for the #dumsormuststop vigil organized by Yvonne Nelson and her team.

He criticised Ghanaians for their silence on the ongoing power outages, suggesting that their allegiance to their ‘favoured’ political party has stifled their willingness to voice discontent.

According to Nana Romeo, Ghanaians must confront issues affecting the country’s progress without hypocrisy.

“We lack honesty in this country. It’s undeniable that power outages affect us all. Nine years ago, people protested against the government, and now, similar challenges have resurfaced. Yet, there’s a reluctance to support the vigil, and it’s disheartening. The poor attendance at Yvonne Nelson’s vigil reflects this hypocrisy.’

He continued, “This should have been a united effort to draw the government’s attention to the suffering of the people. However the lack of turnout indicates a broader issue in our society. If we don’t hold our leaders accountable, we’
ll continue to suffer.”

Yvonne Nelson led Ghanaians in a vigil on June 8, 2024, to highlight the country’s power crisis.

However, unlike previous events she led, this vigil saw low attendance, reflecting a concerning apathy among the populace.

Source: Ghana Web

Marriage is not a do or die affair, if it’s not working walk away – Yul Edochie tells couples

Actor, Yul Edochie, has weighed in on navigating unsuccessful marriages, advocating for a practical approach.

He emphasized that marriage isn’t obligatory and urged couples facing irreparable differences to part ways amicably.

Yul, who stirred controversy by marrying his colleague Judy Austin while still married to his wife May Edochie, advised individuals to embrace multiple marriages if necessary.

During a recent interview, he underscored that marriage shouldn’t be viewed as a life-or-death commitment.

He stressed the importance of recognizing when a marriage isn’t working and gracefully exiting the relationship.

In his own words, “Marriage isn’t a decree. If it’s not working, walk away. Respectfully. No need for unnecessary pain. If you find someone else you want to marry, go ahead. And if it doesn’t work out again, move on. You can marry multiple times. Everyone’s happiness is different, and don’t let anyone dictate what’s best for you. Find what works for you. And if you’ve chosen not to marry in th
is lifetime, then don’t. Prioritize your happiness.”

Source: Ghana Web