AI-Media’s LEXI Tool Kit Expanded with LEXI Recorded – Breakthrough Solution for the Growing VOD Market

AI-Media Launches LEXI Recorded

LEXI Recorded offers fast turnaround, is cost competitive, has excellent accuracy and integration options for captioning recorded content.

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Feb. 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AI-Media is excited to announce the launch of its VOD automated captioning solution, LEXI Recorded. This groundbreaking product, created initially for a major sporting franchise, utilizes the cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology of their flagship LEXI product. LEXI Recorded will address the ever-increasing demand for high volume, fast turnaround and easy captioning of recorded content, while ensuring high accuracy and cost-effectiveness. It is also capable of seamlessly integrating with a customer’s media management system, to become an end-to-end media production workflow, and delivering a more efficient and hands off recorded captioning process.

AI-Media’s Chief Product Officer, Bill McLaughlin says: “LEXI Recorded represents a significant leap forward in the world of automated captioning for recorded media, providing unparalleled speed, accuracy, and cost efficiency. With LEXI Recorded, we are not just meeting but exceeding the demands for high-volume, quick, and precise captioning of recorded content. With accuracy comparable to human captioning, the ability to seamlessly integrate into diverse production workflows and priced from $0.20USD per minute, this is a gamechanger for high volume broadcasters of content.

We are proud to continue our legacy of innovation and leadership in the captioning space. LEXI Recorded is a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to enhance accessibility with efficiency in media production.”

Key Features of LEXI Recorded include:

  • Speed and Efficiency: LEXI Recorded ensures the rapid turnaround of captioned files, enabling organizations to meet tight deadlines and deliver content promptly to their audiences. Files can be turned around, in a variety of formats, in as little as the length of the video.
  • High Accuracy: Powered by advanced AI technology, LEXI Recorded offers excellent accuracy at 98% NER, and even higher with the use of custom dictionaries or topic models.
  • Cost Efficiency: The automated nature of LEXI Recorded significantly reduces operational costs, providing a cost-effective solution for organizations of all sizes. From as little as $0.20USD per minute, LEXI Recorded has the potential to provide our customers with substantive cost savings over traditional human captioning of recorded content.
  • Flexible Integration Patterns for Diverse Workflows: Recognizing the diversity of production workflows, AI-Media offers flexible integration patterns, allowing organizations to tailor their integration with LEXI Recorded according to their unique needs. Options include API-based integration, shared folder-based integration, and custom integration, catering to organizations with varying software development capabilities.
  • API Integration for Seamless Workflows: At the core of LEXI Recorded’s integration capabilities is AI-Media’s Orders API. This developer-friendly API adheres to industry standards, including REST, JSON, API key, HTTPS, and TLS, making it easy to navigate and work with. The API also supports both AI-fulfilled LEXI Recorded and captioner-fulfilled Premium Recorded order types, ensuring a smooth transition between AI and human-based captioning without disruption.
  • Instant Language Translation: Submit orders with source audio in over 30 languages and receive either same-language captions or AI translated subtitles.
  • Flexible interface options: Choose between ad hoc use of the LEXI Recorded online portal or for high volume users; a bespoke, integration set-up to manage super-fast, low touch turnaround of content.
  • AI-Media also offers 24/7 global support backed by best-in-class engineering excellence.

LEXI Recorded is yet another solution in AI-Media’s LEXI Tool Kit now cementing the company as the global leader in captioning technology and solutions.

The AI-Media team will be showcasing the LEXI Recorded solution from 14-17 April at the NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas; the world’s largest broadcast and media trade convention. To book a 1:1 session at NAB Show to learn more about LEXI Recorded or our other solutions click HERE.

For more information about LEXI Recorded visit the LEXI Recorded page on the AI-Media site.

About AI-Media

Founded in Australia in 2003, technology company AI-Media is a global leader in the provision of high-quality live and recorded captioning, transcription and translation solutions. The company helps the world’s leading broadcasters, enterprises and government agencies ensure high accuracy, secure and cost-effective captioning via its AI-powered LEXI automatic captioning solution and end-to-end range of captioning hardware. Globally, AI-Media technology delivers well over 10 million minutes of live and recorded media content, and online events and web streams every month. AI-Media (ASX: AIM) commenced trading on the ASX on 15 September 2020. For more information on AI-Media please visit

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Fiona Habben
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Quantexa Customers Achieved 228% ROI with Benefits of $34.8M in New Total Economic Impact Study

Independent study finds 228% ROI over three years with implementation of Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform

5 Key Benefits and how much was saved with Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform
5 Key Benefits and how much was saved with Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform

LONDON, Feb. 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Organizations need a trusted data foundation to enable effective decisions that allow them to operate efficiently, plan for the future, and grow. Yet many organizations continue to struggle with a lack of a single customer view, duplicated records, inefficient processes, and ineffective results.

Today, Quantexa has published The Total Economic Impact™ of The Quantexa Decision Intelligence Platform study, providing business value justification analysis to help organizations understand the financial impact of their technology investment. Quantexa commissioned Forrester Consulting to interview six customers in data-related leadership roles across banking, telecommunications, and the public sector to examine the potential return on investment and other benefits enterprises can realize with Decision Intelligence.

In this case, the study outlines a breakdown of the quantitative and qualitative benefits, potential financial impacts, and associated risks of implementing Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform for a composite organization based on the interviewed customers.

Customer benefits included:

  • Three-year 228% Return on Investment
  • Payback period less than eight months
  • Estimated $34.8M Net Present Value in customer benefits over three years


5 Key Benefits and how much was saved with Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform

A Global Head of Financial Crime Detection, Financial Services customer stated that, “Quantexa provides us the ability to source and fuse data in a flexible and scalable ecosystem and it provides a multi-dimensional view of the customer almost in real time. It enables us to use this model to reduce risk and to reduce the amount of infrastructure and human resources and monetize data assets.”

For more information on the Total Economic Impact™ of Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform, please download the full 2024 study.

About Quantexa

Quantexa is a global data and analytics software company pioneering Decision Intelligence that empowers organizations to make trusted operational decisions by making data meaningful. Using the latest advancements in big data and AI, Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence platform uncovers hidden risk and new opportunities by providing a contextual, connected view of internal and external data in a single place. It solves major challenges across data management, KYC, customer intelligence, financial crime, risk, fraud, and security, throughout the customer lifecycle.

The Quantexa Decision Intelligence Platform enhances operational performance with over 90% more accuracy and 60 times faster analytical model resolution than traditional approaches. Founded in 2016, Quantexa now has more than 675 employees and thousands of users working with billions of transactions and data points across the world. The company has offices in London, Dublin, Brussels, Malaga, UAE, New York, Boston, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne, and Tokyo.

Media Enquiries 

C: Stephanie Crisp, Fight or Flight
E: Quantexa@fightorflight
C: Adam Jaffe, SVP of Corporate Marketing
T: +1 609 502 6889


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Un retour sur investissement de 228 % et des bénéfices affichés à hauteur de 34,8 millions de dollars pour les clients de Quantexa, selon la nouvelle étude Total Economic Impact de Forrester (une étude sur l’impact économique total)

Une étude indépendante révèle un retour sur investissement de 228 % sur trois ans grâce à la plateforme d’intelligence décisionnelle développée par Quantexa

5 Key Benefits and how much was saved with Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform
5 Key Benefits and how much was saved with Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform

LONDRES, 13 févr. 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Les professionnels ont besoin d’exploiter une base de données fiable pour prendre les meilleures décisions en matière d’efficacité opérationnelle, de projets d’avenir et de développement. Or, la plupart d’entre elles pâtissent d’un manque de vision client à 360 degrés, restent confrontées à des doublons, se reposent sur des processus inefficaces, et enregistrent des contre-performances.

Aujourd’hui, Quantexa publie l’étude The Total Economic Impact™ consacrée à sa plateforme d’intelligence décisionnelle, conçue pour conduire une analyse justificative de la valeur commerciale des entreprises pour les aider à mieux saisir l’impact financier que représentent leurs investissements technologiques. Dans le but de mesurer le retour sur investissement potentiel et les autres avantages que sa technologie d’intelligence décisionnelle peut apporter aux entreprises, Quantexa a confié à Forrester Consulting le soin de réaliser des entretiens avec six de ses clients, occupant des postes de direction liés aux données dans les domaines de la banque, des télécommunications et du secteur public.

Dans ses conclusions, établies à partir des témoignages des répondants, l’étude dresse le bilan des avantages quantitatifs et qualitatifs, mais aussi des éventuels impacts financiers et des risques auxquels s’expose une organisation mixte en exploitant la plateforme d’intelligence décisionnelle développée par Quantexa.

Les éléments suivants sont au cœur des avantages cités par les clients :

  • Un retour sur investissement de 228 % sur trois ans
  • Une période d’amortissement inférieure à huit mois
  • Une valeur actuelle nette estimée à 34,8 millions de dollars en avantages pour les clients sur trois ans


Les 5 avantages clés et le montant des économies réalisées grâce à la plateforme d’intelligence décisionnelle de Quantexa

Un responsable mondial de la détection de la criminalité financière chez un client du secteur des services financiers observe que « Quantexa nous permet d’identifier des données et de les fusionner quasi instantanément au sein d’un écosystème flexible et évolutif délivrant une vue multidimensionnelle du client. Ce modèle nous aide à réduire les risques, à déployer moins d’infrastructures et de ressources humaines, et à monétiser les données. »

Pour obtenir tous les détails de l’étude Total Economic Impact™ dédiée à la plateforme d’intelligence décisionnelle de Quantexa, nous vous invitons à télécharger le rapport 2024 intégral.

À propos de Quantexa

Pionnière de l’intelligence décisionnelle mondiale, Quantexa développe des logiciels de données et d’analyse permettant aux professionnels de prendre des décisions opérationnelles éclarées en donnant plus de sens à leurs données. En exploitant les dernières avancées en matière de Big Data et d’IA, la plateforme d’intelligence décisionnelle de Quantexa fait apparaître les risques cachés et les nouvelles opportunités en fournissant sous un seul toit une synthèse contextuelle et intégrée des données internes et externes. Elle relève des enjeux majeurs en lien avec la gestion des données, la connaissance du client, la veille client, la criminalité financière, les risques, la fraude et la sécurité à toutes les étapes du cycle de vie de la relation client.

La plateforme d’intelligence décisionnelle de Quantexa améliore la performance opérationnelle avec une précision accrue de plus de 90 % et une résolution du modèle analytique 60 fois plus rapide que les approches traditionnelles. Fondée en 2016, Quantexa compte aujourd’hui plus de 675 collaborateurs et des milliers d’utilisateurs brassant des milliards de transactions et de points de données à travers le monde. La société a des bureaux à Londres, Dublin, Bruxelles, Malaga, aux Émirats arabes unis, à New York, Boston, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne et Tokyo.

Demandes médias 

C: Stephanie Crisp, Fight or Flight
C: Adam Jaffe, vice-président sénior du marketing d’entreprise
T: +1 609 502 6889


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Clientes da Quantexa obtiveram um ROI de 228% com benefícios de $34,8 milhões de acordo com um novo estudo de impacto econômico global

Estudo independente constata um ROI de 228% ao longo de três anos com a implementação da Plataforma de Inteligência de Decisão da Quantexa

5 Key Benefits and how much was saved with Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform
5 Key Benefits and how much was saved with Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform

LONDRES, Feb. 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Para operar de maneira eficiente, planejar o futuro e crescer, as organizações precisam de uma base de dados confiável para permitir decisões eficazes. No entanto, muitas organizações ainda enfrentam desafios com a falta de uma visão unificada do cliente, registros duplicados, processos ineficientes e resultados inadequados.

Hoje, a Quantexa publicou o estudo Total Economic Impact™ da Plataforma de Inteligência de Decisão Contextual da Quantexa, fornecendo uma análise de justificativa de valor comercial para ajudar as organizações a entender o impacto financeiro de seus investimentos em tecnologia. A Quantexa contratou a Forrester Consulting para entrevistar seis clientes em papéis de liderança relacionados a dados nos setores bancário, de telecomunicações e público, a fim de examinar o potencial de retorno sobre o investimento e outros benefícios que as empresas podem obter com a Inteligência de Decisão.

Neste estudo, são detalhados os benefícios quantitativos e qualitativos, os possíveis impactos financeiros e os riscos associados à implementação da Plataforma de Inteligência de Decisão da Quantexa em uma organização composta com base nos clientes entrevistados.

Benefícios para o cliente:

  • Retorno de 228% sobre o investimento ao longo de três anos
  • Período de retorno inferior a oito meses
  • Valor presente líquido estimado de $34,8 milhões em benefícios para o cliente ao longo de três anos


Cinco principais benefícios e o montante economizado com a Plataforma de Inteligência de Decisão Contextual da Quantexa

Um Diretor Global de Detecção de Crimes Financeiros de um cliente do setor de Serviços Financeiros declarou que, “A Quantexa nos oferece a capacidade de coletar e integrar dados em um ecossistema flexível e escalável, fornecendo uma visão multidimensional do cliente quase em tempo real. Isso nos capacita a utilizar esse modelo para mitigar riscos, reduzir a quantidade de infraestrutura e recursos humanos, e monetizar os ativos de dados.”

Para obter mais informações sobre o Total Economic Impact™ da Plataforma de Inteligência de Decisão Contextual da Quantexa, faça o download do estudo completo de 2024.

Sobre a Quantexa

A Quantexa é uma empresa global de software de dados e análise pioneira em Inteligência de Decisão que capacita as organizações a tomar decisões operacionais confiáveis, dando sentido aos dados. Usando os mais recentes avanços em big data e IA, a plataforma Inteligência de Decisão da Quantexa descobre riscos ocultos e novas oportunidades, fornecendo uma visão contextual e conectada de dados internos e externos em um só lugar. Ela soluciona os principais desafios em gestão de dados, KYC, inteligência do cliente, crime financeiro, risco, fraude e segurança, durante todo o ciclo de vida do cliente.

A Plataforma de Inteligência de Decisão da Quantexa melhora o desempenho operacional, proporcionando um aumento de mais de 90% na precisão e uma resolução do modelo analítico 60 vezes mais rápida do que as abordagens tradicionais. Fundada em 2016, a Quantexa conta atualmente com mais de 675 colaboradores e milhares de usuários trabalhando com bilhões de transações e pontos de dados em todo o mundo. A empresa possui escritórios em Londres, Dublin, Bruxelas, Málaga, Emirados Árabes Unidos, Nova York, Boston, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne e Tóquio.

Informações para a mídia 

C: Stephanie Crisp, Fight or Flight
E: Quantexa@fightorflight
C: Adam Jaffe, Vice-Presidente Sênior de Marketing Corporativo
T: +1 609 502 6889


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Ground-breaking New Study Quantifies ‘Opportunity Advantage’ of Premium Education Coupled with Citizenship Rights

LONDON, Feb. 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Leading international wealth advisory firm Henley & Partners has published pioneering new research into how first-class education, combined with expanded global access rights, creates significant opportunity for the next generation, growing their global networks, maximizing their career prospects, earning potential, and economic mobility for greater success and prosperity across their lifetimes.

The Henley Opportunity Index, a proprietary new benchmarking tool showcased in the firm’s inaugural Henley Education Report, quantifies the impact and probability of success that a premium education coupled with additional residence rights and/or alternative citizenships acquired through investment migration, can have on preserving and growing multi-generational wealth.

The first-of-its-kind index evaluates and scores the world’s leading residence and citizenship by investment programs across six parameters, including premium education and employment opportunities, earning potential, career advancement, economic mobility, and livability to provide a benchmark for investors, entrepreneurs, and wealthy families to compare and identify locations that offer the best ecosystems for future generations to advance their careers and maximize their income potential.

Dominic Volek, Group Head of Private Clients at Henley & Partners, says both education and investment migration are ‘inter-generational enablers’ and this is the first study of its kind that attempts to measure the comparative advantage of this potent combination. “Successfully balancing wealth generation and opportunity creation are key characteristics of ascendant economies. Our index helps guide families on tailored investment migration strategies to clear pathways for their children and heirs to access the world’s best schooling, most lucrative job markets, and enhanced quality of life through the privileges and flexibility of alternative residence and citizenship by investment options that give them the right to study, live, work, and invest in countries of their choice.”

The cumulative value of global access and education

Using the comparative function of the Henley Opportunity Index, a Filipino family whose total opportunity score sits at just 23% in their home country, could raise the probability of success for the next generation to 82% by accessing residence rights in the US through the US EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. Similarly, for a Vietnamese family on 24%, relocating to Switzerland through the Swiss Residence Program would increase their advantage to 85%, and for Nigerians with an opportunity score of just 14%, an investment in the Singapore Global Investor Program, which provides residence rights in the city state, would uplift their life chances by 65% to a remarkable 79%. Other investment options through the UAE Golden Visa and New Zealand’s new Active Investor Plus Visa could give youngsters from the west African nation an opportunity advantage of 63%, and 59%, respectively.

Similarly, for a South African family with Europe in their sights, investing in the Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program will realize compounded inter-generational benefits, as after five years of legal residence they can apply for citizenship, enabling them to live, work, or study anywhere in the EU. There are also notable gains in top-tier employment prospects (25/100 for South Africa versus 47 for Portugal — an 88% leap), and high livability (South Africa scores 40 and Portugal 61 — a 53% improvement), but the biggest advantage would be the dramatic increase in economic mobility (South Africa scores just 17/100 compared to Portugal’s 74 — an astonishing 335% enhancement).

As Tess Wilkinson, Director of Henley & Partners Education, points out in the report, education alone cannot guarantee opportunities in the future job market. “Investing in your child’s education is universally acknowledged as one of the best ways to set them up for success later in life, with multiple studies showing that those with tertiary qualifications earn around 50% more. However, economic research also shows over two-thirds of income variation between individuals globally is simply attributable to which country they live and work in. So, combining world-class academics with related residence or citizenship rights to access those lucrative job markets is key.”

According to exclusive research conducted for the report by Dr. José Caballero, Senior Economist at the IMD World Competitiveness Center in Switzerland, the cumulative effect of investment migration arises from the fact that the programs enable parents to migrate their children through permanent settlement. “In doing so, parents can provide greater education and professional opportunities without the hassles that acquiring a student and/or postgraduate visa entails. Those opportunities include access to premium primary and secondary education, greater opportunities for professional development, to live in an environment with a high quality of life, higher income prospects, and easier mobility across borders. Such access and opportunities facilitate the sustainability of family prosperity through greater probabilities of wealth creation and preservation by empowering the next generation with a more robust set of skills and capacities.”

Read the Full Press Release

Media Contact

Sarah Nicklin
Group Head of PR
Mobile: +27 72 464 8965

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Une nouvelle étude d’envergure apporte une quantification de « l’avantage d’opportunités » qu’apporte une éducation haut de gamme lorsqu’elle est associée aux droits de citoyenneté

LONDRES, 13 févr. 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Le leader mondial en gestion de patrimoine Henley & Partners a publié une nouvelle étude pionnière sur la manière dont une éducation de premier ordre associée à des droits d’accès mondiaux élargis, crée des opportunités significatives pour la génération à venir en développant leurs réseaux à l’échelle mondiale, en maximisant leurs perspectives de carrière, leur potentiel de revenus et leur mobilité économique qui permettront d’obtenir plus de succès et une solide prospérité tout au long de leur vie.

L’indice Henley Opportunity Index, un nouvel outil de référence exclusif présenté dans le premier rapport Henley Education Report, quantifie l’impact et la probabilité de succès qu’une éducation de qualité supérieure, associée à des droits de résidence supplémentaires et/ou à des citoyennetés alternatives acquises grâce à une migration d’investissements, peut avoir sur la préservation et l’accroissement de la richesse multigénérationnelle.

Cet indice, le premier du genre, évalue et classe les principaux programmes mondiaux de résidence et de citoyenneté par l’investissement en fonction de six paramètres, notamment une éducation de qualité supérieure, des opportunités de carrière, le potentiel de revenus, l’avancement de carrière, la mobilité économique et la qualité de vie, afin de fournir aux investisseurs, aux entrepreneurs et aux familles fortunées un point de référence leur permettant de comparer et d’identifier les lieux qui offrent les meilleurs écosystèmes pour permettre aux générations futures de progresser dans leur carrière et de maximiser leur potentiel de revenus.

Dominic Volek, responsable groupe pour les clients privés chez Henley & Partners, déclare que l’éducation et la migration des investissements agissent comme des “catalyseurs intergénérationnels” et qu’il s’agit de la première étude de ce type qui tente de mesurer l’avantage comparatif de cette combinaison porteuse de fortes potentialités. « Un équilibre réussi entre la création de richesse et la génération d’opportunités est une caractéristique fondamentale des économies émergentes. Notre indice aide les familles à s’orienter vers des stratégies de migration d’investissement personnalisées afin de permettre à leurs enfants et à leurs héritiers d’accéder aux meilleures écoles dans le monde, aux marchés du travail les plus lucratifs et à une meilleure qualité de vie grâce aux avantages et à la flexibilité des options alternatives de résidence et de citoyenneté par l’investissement qui leur donnent le droit d’étudier, de vivre, de travailler et d’investir dans les pays de leur choix. »

La valeur cumulée de l’accès et de l’éducation à l’échelle mondiale

Si l’on utilise la fonction comparative de l’indice d’opportunité Henley, une famille philippine dont le score total d’opportunité ne s’élève qu’à 23 % dans son pays d’origine, pourrait porter la probabilité de réussite de la génération suivante à 82 % en accédant à des droits de résidence aux États-Unis par le biais du programme d’immigration des investisseur US EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. De manière similaire, une famille vietnamienne ayant un score de 24 %, en déménagement en Suisse par le biais du programme de résidence suisse, Swiss Residence Program porterait son avantage à 85 %, et pour des Nigérians ayant un score d’opportunité de seulement 14 %, un investissement dans le programme d’investisseurs mondiaux, le Singapore Global Investor Program, qui offre des droits de résidence dans la ville-État, augmenterait leurs chances de 65 %, pour atteindre un score remarquable de 79 %. D’autres options d’investissement, telles que le visa UAE Golden Visa et le nouveau visa de la Nouvelle-Zélande Active Investor Plus Visa, pourraient offrir aux jeunes de ce pays d’Afrique de l’Ouest un avantage de 63 % et 59 %, respectivement.

De même, pour une famille sud-africaine qui envisage une installation en Europe, investir dans le programme portugais Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program lui permettra de réaliser des avantages intergénérationnels cumulés, car après cinq ans de résidence légale, elle peut demander la citoyenneté, ce qui lui permettra de vivre, travailler ou étudier n’importe où dans l’Union européenne. Il convient également de souligner des gains notables en termes de perspectives d’emploi de premier ordre (25/100 pour l’Afrique du Sud contre 47 pour le Portugal – un bond de 88 %) et de qualité de vie élevée (l’Afrique du Sud obtient un score de 40 et le Portugal de 61 – une amélioration de 53 %), mais le plus grand avantage serait l’augmentation spectaculaire de la mobilité économique (l’Afrique du Sud obtient seulement 17/100 par rapport à 74 pour le Portugal – une amélioration stupéfiante de 335 %).

Comme le souligne dans le rapport Tess Wilkinson, directrice de Henley & Partners Education, l’éducation ne peut à elle seule garantir des opportunités sur le futur marché du travail. « Investir dans l’éducation de vos enfants est universellement reconnu comme l’un des meilleurs moyens de leur assurer plus tard le succès dans la vie, il convient d’ajouter que de multiples études montrent que les titulaires d’un diplôme de l’enseignement supérieur gagnent environ 50 % de plus. Cependant, les recherches économiques montrent également que plus de deux tiers des variations de revenus entre les individus à l’échelle mondiale sont simplement imputables au pays de résidence des individus. Ainsi, combiner des études de renommée mondiale avec des droits de résidence ou de citoyenneté connexes pour accéder à ces marchés de l’emploi lucratifs reste essentiel. »

Selon une recherche exclusive menée pour le rapport par le Dr José Caballero, économiste senior à l’IMD World Competitiveness Center en Suisse, l’effet cumulatif de la migration de l’investissement découle du fait que les programmes permettent aux parents de faire migrer leurs enfants par le biais de l’établissement permanent. « Ce faisant, les parents peuvent offrir à leurs enfants de meilleures opportunités éducatives et professionnelles sans les tracas liés à l’obtention d’un visa d’étudiant et/ou d’étudiant de troisième cycle. Ces opportunités comprennent l’accès à un enseignement primaire et secondaire de haute qualité, de plus grandes opportunités de développement professionnel, la possibilité de vivre dans un environnement offrant une qualité de vie élevée, des perspectives de revenus plus importants et une mobilité transfrontalière facilitée. Ce type d’accès et d’opportunités facilitent la pérennité de la prospérité familiale en augmentant les probabilités de création et de préservation de la richesse, en dotant la génération suivante d’un ensemble plus solide de compétences et de capacités. »

Lire le communiqué de presse complet

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Novo estudo revolucionário quantifica a “vantagem da oportunidade” da educação superior juntamente com direitos de cidadania

LONDRES, Feb. 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A empresa líder em consultoria patrimonial internacional Henley & Partners publicou uma nova pesquisa inédita sobre como uma educação de alto nível, aliada a direitos de acesso global expandidos, cria oportunidades significativas para a próxima geração, ampliando suas redes globais, maximizando suas perspectivas de carreira, potencial de ganhos e mobilidade econômica para alcançar maior sucesso e mais prosperidade ao longo de suas vidas.

O Henley Opportunity Index, uma nova ferramenta proprietária de benchmarking apresentada no Henley Education Report inaugural da empresa, quantifica o impacto e a probabilidade de sucesso que uma educação de alto nível, aliada a direitos de residência adicionais e/ou cidadanias alternativas adquiridas por meio da migração de investimentos, pode ter na preservação e no crescimento do patrimônio para várias gerações.

O índice inédito avalia e classifica os principais programas de residência e cidadania por investimento do mundo de acordo com seis parâmetros, incluindo educação de alto nível e oportunidades de emprego, potencial de ganhos, progresso na carreira, mobilidade econômica e condições de vida, a fim de fornecer uma referência para que investidores, empreendedores e famílias de patrimônio elevado comparem e identifiquem os locais que oferecem os melhores ecossistemas para que as futuras gerações progridam em suas carreiras e maximizem seu potencial de renda.

Dominic Volek, Chefe do Grupo de Clientes Privados da Henley & Partners, diz que tanto a educação quanto a migração de investimentos são “facilitadores para gerações” e que este é o primeiro estudo do gênero que tenta medir a vantagem comparativa dessa poderosa combinação. “O equilíbrio eficaz entre a geração de riqueza e a criação de oportunidades é uma das principais características das economias em ascensão. Nosso índice ajuda a orientar as famílias sobre estratégias personalizadas de migração de investimentos com o intuito de abrir caminhos para que seus filhos e herdeiros tenham acesso à melhor educação do mundo, aos mercados de trabalho mais rentáveis e à melhor qualidade de vida por meio dos privilégios e da flexibilidade de opções alternativas de residência e cidadania por investimento que lhes dão o direito de estudar, viver, trabalhar e investir nos países de sua preferência.”

O valor cumulativo do acesso e da educação globais

Usando a função comparativa do Henley Opportunity Index, uma família filipina cuja pontuação total de oportunidade é de apenas 23% em seu país de origem poderia aumentar a probabilidade de sucesso da próxima geração para 82% acessando os direitos de residência nos EUA por meio do US EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. Da mesma forma, no caso de uma família vietnamita com 24%, mudar-se para a Suíça por meio do Swiss Residence Program aumentaria sua vantagem para 85%, e no caso de nigerianos com um índice de oportunidade de apenas 14%, um investimento no Singapore Global Investor Program, que oferece direitos de residência na cidade-estado, elevaria suas chances de vida em 65%, chegando a notáveis 79%. Outras opções de investimento por meio do UAE Golden Visa e do novo Active Investor Plus Visa da Nova Zelândia poderiam dar aos jovens deste país da África Ocidental uma vantagem de oportunidade de 63% e 59%, respectivamente.

Da mesma forma, no caso de uma família sul-africana que deseje ir para a Europa, investir no Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program trará benefícios compostos entre gerações, pois após cinco anos de residência legal, ela poderá solicitar a cidadania, o que lhe permitirá morar, trabalhar ou estudar em qualquer lugar da UE. Também observamos ganhos notáveis na perspectiva de empregos de alto nível (25/100 para a África do Sul contra 47 para Portugal — um salto de 88%) e na alta qualidade de vida (a África do Sul tem 40 pontos e Portugal, 61 — uma melhoria de 53%), mas a maior vantagem seria o aumento drástico na mobilidade econômica (a África do Sul tem apenas 17/100, em comparação com os 74 de Portugal — um aumento surpreendente de 335%).

De acordo com Tess Wilkinson, Diretora da Henley & Partners Education, o relatório ressalta que a educação por si só não garante oportunidades no mercado de trabalho futuro. “O investimento na educação de seu filho é universalmente reconhecido como uma das melhores maneiras de prepará-lo para o sucesso na vida adulta, com inúmeros estudos demonstrando que aqueles que possuem qualificações de nível superior ganham cerca de 50% a mais. No entanto, pesquisas econômicas também revelam que mais de dois terços da variação de renda entre indivíduos em todo o mundo podem ser atribuídos simplesmente ao país em que vivem e trabalham. Portanto, é fundamental combinar educação de nível internacional com direitos de residência ou cidadania associados para acessar esses mercados de trabalho rentáveis.”

De acordo com uma pesquisa exclusiva realizada para o relatório pelo Dr. José Caballero, Economista Sênior do IMD World Competitiveness Center na Suíça, o efeito cumulativo da migração de investimentos se deve ao fato de que os programas permitem que os pais migrem seus filhos por meio de assentamentos permanentes. “Ao fazê-lo, os pais podem oferecer mais oportunidades educacionais e profissionais sem os inconvenientes que envolvem a obtenção de um visto de estudante e/ou de pós-graduação. Essas oportunidades incluem acesso à educação primária e secundária de primeira qualidade, maiores oportunidades de desenvolvimento profissional, residir em um ambiente com alta qualidade de vida, maiores perspectivas de renda e maior liberdade de locomoção entre fronteiras. Esse acesso e essas oportunidades contribuem para a sustentabilidade da prosperidade familiar por meio de maiores probabilidades de criação e preservação de riqueza, capacitando a próxima geração com um conjunto mais robusto de habilidades e capacidades.”

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KAIPTC receives ICT equipment from EU and BMZ to bolster e-learning efforts

The Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) has received Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment from the European Union (EU) and Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The hi-tech equipment is expected to improve the Centre’s e-learning capabilities and expand virtual engagements in Peace support Operations.

The items include 30 laptops, three projectors, a conferencing machine, and 10 (75 inch) interactive screens.

It is part of a wider initiative under the ECOWAS Peace and Security Architecture and Operations Project which started in February 2019 with funding by the European Union and the German Government.

Mr Irchad Razaaly, EU Ambassador to Ghana, who joined other dignitaries, staff and the Executive Management of KAIPTC to present the equipment, noted that the EU was by far the main financial partner of ECOWAS, and that enhancing the capacity of the sub-regional body and its member states in conflict prevention and management, a
nd fostering regional cooperations was key.

He said in an increasingly interconnected world, where conflicts transcended borders more than ever before, the importance of robust platforms could not be over emphasised.

Amb. Razaaly said the IT equipment would not only facilitate knowledge-sharing, but also foster a deeper understanding of the complex international dynamics inherent in Peace Support Operations.

He said the ECOWAS Peace and Security Architecture and Operations Project presented a significant step forward in fostering regional stability in West Africa, especially at a time when the region was going through ‘intense turbulence’.

Amb. Razaaly said the EU remained steadfast in its commitment to peace and security efforts in the region from border management to combating terrorism financing, adding international crime, facilitating cross-border information sharing, and bolstering conflict prevention and mediation.

The EU Ambassador further stated that peacebuilding was a complex and multifaceted
endeavour requiring a holistic approach.

According to him, while technical capabilities were undoubtedly crucial, sustainable peace also depended on addressing underlying root causes, promoting inclusive governance, fostering social cohesion, and empowering local communities.

Ms Sivine Jansen, a representative of the German Embassy in Ghana, said the support was to strengthen the centre’s role and contributions to the ECOWAS Peace and Security Architecture.

She said Germany continued to support peace efforts in the sub-region, ensuring a prosperous and secure sub-region through capacity building in Peace Support Operations.

Ms Jansen said the use of the new technology for virtual learning and online teaching would make the centre more sustainable while improving the quality of training delivery with the use of more global experts.

She reiterated the commitment and dedication of the German government, in collaboration with the EU through the ECOWAS Peace and Security Architecture Operation (EPSAO) Project
being implemented by GIZ, to supporting peace and security efforts in West Africa.

Major General Richard Addo Gyane, Commandant, KAIPTC, who received the equipment on behalf of the Centre, expressed appreciation to the Federal Republic of Germany for its continuous ICT infrastructural support to the centre’s operations.

He said with the international community still reeling under the shocks of the COVID-19 pandemic and insecurities in certain critical parts of the globe, the Centre deemed it reassuring that Germany considered it in its international commitments.

The Commandant said it also deepened the commitments of agencies like GIZ/EPSAO to the channels of support currently in place to guide their relationship.

‘We are indeed grateful for the deep understanding of the needs of the Centre and the readiness to direct resources to this effect.’

Ambassador Baba Gana Wakil, Resident Representative, ECOWAS Commission, said Peace Support Operations as a component of the overall efforts in achieving digitalis
ation of Human Capital Development agenda in the sub-region was imperative.

He said without ICT compliance to human capital development in the sub-region, the various efforts at regional integration, including provision of infrastructure and trade promotion would not materialise.

Source: Ghana News Agency