COCOBOD says the 2023/2024 crop season to begin September 8

Government has directed Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) to bring the opening of the upcoming season 2023/2024 forward, effective Friday, September 8, 2023.

A statement issued in Accra by Mr Joseph Boahen Aidoo, the Chief Executive, said the decision was due to recent disruptions in the internal marketing of cocoa and to safeguard the interest of the cocoa farmers.

It said the opening event will be on Saturday, September 9, 2023.

Accordingly, the 2023 Light Crop Season ceased at close of business on Thursday AUGUST 31, 2023.

‘In order to assist the Licensed Buying Companies (LBCs) to obtain the final returns from up-country, Ghana Cocoa Board has decided that returns on the declared purchases will be accepted up to 1600 hours on Thurday September 7, 2023,’ it said.

It said all were to take note and be guided accordingly of the above arrangements and strictly comply.

Source: Ghana News Agency

GLOWA trains women groups on how to develop livelihood advocacy plan

Global Action for Women Empowerment (GLOWA), not-for-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO) has provided training for women groups in Ho Municipal and Adaklu District on how to develop livelihood empowerment advocacy plan.

The participants were equipped with relevant information that would make them become legitimate stakeholders, strong advocates, and reliable partners in their respective communities, municipal and district.

Their capacities were built, and leadership skills strengthened so they could position themselves well to positively influence decision-making and governance processes in their various groups and communities.

The beneficiaries were schooled on the importance of forming cooperatives, associations, and networks and the need to legitimise the existing ones for easy access to financial facilities to undertake their businesses.

Ms Ewoenam Atutonu, Executive Director for GLOWA, underscoring the importance of the training said it would help the women in setting strategic priorities and planned adequately to achieve their goals.

She said equipping the groups with the requisite knowledge was crucial to enabling them to develop and maintain collaborative and influential relationships with a growing number of stakeholders in their various areas.

The Executive Director said the training was also aimed at boosting collaboration and networking opportunities and exchange of good practices among the participants.

‘Our objective is to empower them in developing an efficient livelihood empowerment advocacy plan for the engagement of district assembly duty bearers and other internal and external stakeholders to boost their external visibility and the groups’ internal coherence.’

Mr Daniel Tetteh, a facilitator at the programme told Ghana News Agency, groups or associations could easily have access to financial facilities when they were legitimised and have proper livelihood improvement advocacy plan.

He said no financial institutions or organisations would give support to groups or associations that were not legitimate, adding that district assemblies also looked for such documents before recommending groups for support.

Mr Tetteh said livelihood improvement advocacy plan was necessary in guiding and helping groups or associations in demanding support from duty-bearers and carrying out their activities to become economically independent.

He said the efforts of women, especially those in the rural areas, were not yielding the needed results because they did not have equitable access to resources, making most of them to depend on their husbands or family members for support.

Mr Tetteh charged participants to see the workshop as an eye opener so they would be able to organised themselves well to get the needed support to do their businesses.

Madam Selase Adolphine Donudenu, Head of Business Advisory Committee at the Ho Municipal Assembly, taking the participant through business management skills asked them to ensure proper packaging of their goods.

She said most traders found it difficult to get customers for their goods because the goods were not properly packaged to attract the customers.

Some participants who spoke to the Ghana News Agency said the training has equipped them with much knowledge to undertake a successful business and have expressed their profound gratitude to GLOWA.

The training forms part of GLOWA’s Action for Voice, Influence, and Inclusive Development project with sponsorship from William and Flora Hewlett Foundation through STAR Ghana Foundation.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Amewu pledges support for investigations after touring incident scenes at Godenu

Mr John-Peter Amewu, Hohoe Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) and Railway Development Minister, has pledged his support for traditional authorities and the people of Gbi Godenu following clashes that led to the death of two people.

The clash followed an incident, where a Police vehicle knocked down a man off his motorbike on Wednesday over alleged contraband and the setting ablaze of the Police vehicle involved.

Mr Amewu, who toured incident scenes after a Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) meeting, said he would ensure that an independent investigation was carried out and perpetrators including Police officers and citizens indicted, be brought to book.

He said he was disappointed by the turnout and noted that no concrete result would be reached if the Police alone were allowed to investigate the incident.

Mr Amewu noted that the incidents regarding Police ‘brutality’ in the Constituency were becoming unacceptable.

He said the reports received juxtaposed with accounts from the Police showed that it was not an accident as claimed by the Police.

Mr Amewu urged the people to calm down while investigations were carried out.

Wednesday’s incident has brought Police brutality in the Gbi Wegbe enclave to three within the last eight months.

Togbe Keh XII, Divisional Chief of Gbi Wegbe, said the current situation overwhelmed the community.

He said there must be an independent investigation to ascertain the truth.

Togbe Keh said the Police account was that the rider fell off the motorbike while being chased after he refused to stop for Police checks.

He said the Police said while they were avoiding walking over the rider, their car veered off and ended up in the gutter.

Togbe Keh said another Police account said the youth themselves in the community and set the motor bikes ablaze.

He said some teachers in Godenu were beaten, while schools could not open, and safety of teachers could still not be guaranteed.

Togbe Keh noted that individuals affected hailed from different traditional areas and if the situation were not properly handled, it could degenerate into further situations.

He appealed to the youth to exercise calm and be law abiding.

The Ghana News Agency (GNA) through the tour counted burnt motorbikes at six various points, six vehicles damaged, and houses burnt.

Two of the vehicles with registration numbers GN 4618-12 and GX 9734-13 are properties of Togbe Osei III, Sub-divisional Chief of Gbi Godenu.

Some individuals were manhandled, houses, school blocks and signposts perforated with bullets while stores were broken into, and sales made away with.

GNA gathered that the motor rider is receiving treatment while a source close to one of the people arrested during the incident said they were released.

Schools in Gbi Godenu have not been opened following the incident.

However, the deceased have been identified only as Chesto from Hohoe and David from Gbi Kledzo

Source: Ghana News Agency

‘He is a normal Gabonese like everyone else’ – Coup leader on ousted Ali Bongo

General Brice Oligui Nguema has emphasized that ousted president of Gabon Ali Bongo Ondimba will enjoy all rights accorded former presidents of the oil-rich Central African country.

Nguema, a cousin of Bongo told the French newspaper Le Monde, that despite being under house arrest, Bongo enjoys all rights, describing his as a ‘retired president.’

“He is a Gabonese head of state. He is retired. He enjoys all his rights. He is a normal Gabonese, like everyone else,” Nguema said.

At the time of the interview, Nguema refused to be referred to as leader of the coup but hours later, that designation was formalized.

The Committee of Transition and the Restoration of Institutions, the military junta named him as its substantive leader.

Oligui Nguema is, however, not a stranger to the corridors of power, Gabon’s security architecture and the Bongo family.

Information available to GhanaWeb indicates that he is a cousin of Ali Bongo and previously served as aide-de-camp of late president Omar Bongo till his demise in 2009.

Following the announcement of the coup, soldiers under his leadership as head of the presidential security unit (Republican Guard) carried Oligui Nguema shoulder high and celebrated his takeover.

But it was only after a meeting of the coup leaders that his place was cemented as leader of the transition.

“Pursuant to all existing laws concerning the position of head of state, General Oligui Nguema Brice has been designated unanimously as the president of the Committee of the Transition and the Restoration of Institutions. President of the transition,” the group’s spokesperson Colonel Ulrich Manfoumbi Manfoumbi said in an address flanked by over a dozen officers.

There is currently no information on the timeline of the transition and when new elections will take place.

Key state institutions have been suspended among them, the National Assembly, the Constitutional Court and the Electoral Commission.

Source: Ghana Web