The Wolf of Wall Street film to launch NFT offering, powered by Aventus

To celebrate the film’s 10-year anniversary, Aventus has partnered with The Wolf of Wall Street’s rights holders to produce historical collection of NFTs

LONDON, April 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aventus, a Web3 solutions provider for enterprises, has partnered with the film rights holders for The Wolf of Wall Street and world-leading film producers and editors to create The Wolf of Wall Street Experience: a series of NFT drops which will also act as a key to unlocking wider parts of the experience.

With a worldwide box office of almost $400M, five Oscar nominations including Best Picture, and a Guinness World Records entry for most swearing in a film, The Wolf of Wall Street’s impact on popular culture remains steadfast almost a decade after its release, with memes of the film continuing to generate millions of uses.

The Wolf of Wall Street Experience will give fans of the film and Web3 enthusiasts access to exclusive content, rewards, and experiences via a series of limited NFT drops. The NFTs will contain exclusive assets from the film, including new angles of iconic scenes, as well as authentic outfits worn by the cast, props and other memorabilia. In addition, real-life and virtual experiences will take place, including a Hollywood-style celebration of the anniversary this December.

The launch is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023, with additional benefits for early participants of the community. More information can be found on the official website:

The NFTs will be created by the carbon neutral Aventus Network, which is a layer 1 (parachain) on Polkadot – meaning the project will leverage the full benefits of the Polkadot ecosystem, including enhanced scalability, speed, interoperability and security. It also means NFT holders will be able to leverage the full benefits of interoperability across more than 50 blockchains, including Ethereum.

Alan Vey, Founder & CEO at Aventus, commented: “The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the most iconic films across not only popular culture more broadly, but specifically within the blockchain community. We’re thrilled to be able to bring this film to Web3 and to be a part of a historic moment for the industry as blockbuster becomes the latest sector to realise the benefits of NFTs in community building and engagement.”

Gavin Wood, Founder of Polkadot & Ethereum, added: “Polkadot’s parachain ecosystem aims to help blockchains achieve their objectives by providing enhanced scalability, security and interoperability, and it’s wonderful to watch Aventus leverage this support to enable this truly groundbreaking project.”

About Aventus
Aventus onboards enterprises to Web3, enabling them to generate new revenue streams, improve operational efficiencies, and future-proof their business. With a combined experience of over seven decades in Web3 and enterprise leadership, Aventus works with each enterprise to scope out potential use cases, and customize a SaaS-style product, as well as maintain and manage the solution – so enterprises can focus on what they do best.

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Denmark takes first place in second annual World Citizenship Report, global ‘powerhouses’ lose their lustre among the mass affluent

London, United Kingdom, April 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Denmark, Switzerland and Finland took the top three spots in the 2023 World Citizenship Report, which launched today. The World Citizenship Report ranks 188 countries across five key motivators defining citizenship for the global citizen.

Published by CS Global Partners, the world’s leading government and investment migration advisory firm, the World Citizenship Report showcases the World Citizenship Index (WCI), an innovative tool that takes a holistic approach to rank the world’s citizenships across multiple dimensions including the motivators of Safety and Security, Quality of Life, Economic Opportunity, Global Mobility and Financial Freedom.

The World Citizenship Index is the product of a research-driven approach that goes beyond ordinary concepts of passport strength by placing greater emphasis on the diverse attitudes regarding key facets of citizenship. Unlike other rating tools, the World Citizenship Index ranking is designed to reflect a citizenship’s value through the lens of high-net-worth-individuals (HNWIs) and the newest generation of global citizens: the mass affluent population.

“This year, we looked beyond HNWIs and extended our survey to the new mass affluent, a globally mobile generation who is providing fresh impetus for a renewed drive towards global citizenship. As the world around continues to change at an exponential rate, bringing with it new crises and opportunities – individuals across the globe are increasingly calling their own citizenships into question in terms of the safety, freedoms, and the prosperity they provide,” said Micha Emmett, CEO of CS Global Partners.

“This Report stands apart from other reports in the industry because it examines which countries offer the most benefits for global citizens, particularly in a post-COVID world where those that have the means are consistently searching for greater opportunities.”

This year, Denmark kicked Switzerland out of the top spot and scored the highest points. Switzerland ranked in second place and Finland retained the third spot for a second year in a row.

Notably, global superpowers such as the United States and China did not rank in the top ten, symbolising a significant shift in what these economic giants can tangibly offer the global elite. HNWIs and mass affluent citizens are searching for a better quality of life, security and financial freedoms, all aspects which have been on shaky ground since the pandemic.

The surveyed cohort chose ‘Quality of Life’ as the most important feature of citizenship, which ranked first across the World Citizenship Index’s five pillars, eclipsing both Physical Safety and Financial Freedom.

The Report found that a competitive economy, public services, and environmental sustainability are the three areas mass affluent individuals feel most let down by their governments.​

We are unfortunately living through a period where the standard of living is falling at the fastest rate in over a generation. At the end of 2022, the UK Office for Budget Responsibility reported that UK households are set to suffer a 7.1 per cent fall in living standards over the next two years, the largest decline in six decades. Furthermore, according to the latest United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) report published in the same period, living conditions in 90 per cent of the world’s countries deteriorated in 2021 – something that hasn’t been seen since the height of the previous global recession caused by the financial crisis in 2007. Moreover, the UNDP report marked the first consecutive year of decline in the 32-year history of the Human Development Index (HDI) – these trends are reflected in the current World Citizenship Index scores. For example, the United States dropped to 29th position for the Quality-of-Life motivator from 20th position previously, which shows how living standards are coming under pressure even in the world’s economic powerhouses.

“The World Citizenship Report aims to capture what truly concerns and affects a global citizen,” added Emmet. “When there are options to gain a second or third citizenship, the first question in a HNWIs mind is ‘where is the next place to be associated with?’”

“High-net-worth individuals and the mass affluent must consider a myriad of factors when deciding something as monumental as where to obtain second citizenship and build a second home. While passport strength is, of course, an important component, it is also one that is subject to the greatest change as evidenced by pandemic related travel restrictions,” she added.

As many parts of the globe recover from COVID-19 and find means to bolster their economies, a new chain of threats has emerged. The conflict in the Ukraine has not only made many nations in the northern hemisphere realise just how fragile the concept of safety and freedom is but has severely impacted energy and food security across the world.

With so much change happening so rapidly around us, it can be challenging to keep up with how all these disparate factors coming to bear on the prevailing attitudes toward global citizenship. And this is where the value of the World Citizenship Report comes into the picture. The Report continues to build on its reputation as an ambitious product reflecting the evolving nature of these attitudes toward citizenship, and one that is in tune with the defining issues of our time with respect to global citizens, including health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability, and shifting investment priorities.

The World Citizenship Index’s unique methodology relies on the experience gained through CS Global Partners unparalleled work in the citizenship solutions industry, as well as comprehensive research to evaluate 188 jurisdictions across the five motivators of citizenship out of a maximum attainable score of 100 points.

The Report’s multidimensional approach ensured that the attitudes under investigation were captured as accurately and meaningfully as possible. Consequently, rather than relying exclusively on value judgments to construct and weight the World Citizenship Index, CS Global Partners also leveraged its unparalleled network of industry experts and access to global citizens to isolate the major motivations for attaining a second citizenship. These factors were then further explored and validated by surveying the global mass affluent population on the value of second citizenship.

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Geneticistas Reprodutivos Reunidos em Paris Apresentam Primeiro Teste de Sequenciamento Completo do Genoma Embriões

  • Dr. Santiago Munné, pioneiro no diagnóstico genético pré-implantação, apresentou o novo teste na Conferência PGDIS
  • Além de detectar genes herdados dos pais, o novo teste de laboratório também revela novas mutações que podem levar a doenças “de novo”, como o autismo.

PARIS, April 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — O Dr. Santiago Munné, pioneiro no diagnóstico genético pré-implantação, apresentou o primeiro teste de sequenciamento completo do genoma em embriões para representantes na Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis International Society (20ª Conferência da Sociedade Internacional de Diagnóstico Genético Pré-implantação – PGDIS), realizada esta semana em Paris.

Em seu discurso no plenário com a presença de mais de 300 especialistas, o Dr. Munné, pioneiro em genética reprodutiva internacionalmente reconhecido, apresentou dados de validação do GenomeScreen™, teste desenvolvido pela equipe de pesquisa liderada por ele na empresa de biotecnologia GenEmbryomics.

“Sabemos desde que começamos a trabalhar com o diagnóstico de embriões em 1993 que a seleção de embriões seria fundamental para a gravidez, especialmente em pacientes mais velhas. Nos últimos 30 anos, nosso trabalho tem se concentrado em aprimorar a seleção genética de embriões, embora a abordagem diagnóstica definitiva – que fornece mais informações e melhores resultados – seja, sem dúvida, esta: sequenciamento completo do genoma do embrião usando apenas algumas células obtidas de uma biópsia. Este teste abre portas que não sabíamos que existiam”, disse Munné sobre o trabalho realizado na GenEmbryomics.

Conhecer o genoma é conhecer um embrião antes da transferência
O GenomeScreen™ é um novo e revolucionário teste de sequenciamento completo do genoma para embriões de fertilização in vitro descrito como “o teste genético mais completo de fertilização in vitro” pelas autoridades do fórum PGDIS.

O teste fornece informações altamente precisas sobre a sequência do genoma do embrião e dos pais genéticos, oferecendo às famílias os principais insights pré-implantação sobre a saúde do embrião e o prognóstico reprodutivo para a tomada decisões bem-informadas. Além disso, essas informações são inestimáveis para pessoas geradas de fertilização in vitro, pois fornecem informações sobre nutrigenômica ou orientação sobre quais medicamentos são mais geneticamente adequados para o paciente.

“Quando começamos nossa pesquisa sobre o sequenciamento de embriões, nosso objetivo era criar uma ferramenta potente e abrangente para que os médicos de fertilidade pudessem acessar dados completos para uma avaliação precisa”, disse o Dr. Nick Murphy, fundador da GenEmbryomics. “Com essa ferramenta usada com 99% de confiabilidade, sabemos que, além de fornecer informações, esse diagnóstico também aumenta substancialmente o sucesso da medicina reprodutiva”, acrescentou Murphy.

O sequenciamento de embriões aumenta o índice de sucesso da fertilização in vitro

O professor Munné, líder em genética reprodutiva de mais de 20 anos, é um importante contribuinte para seleção de embriões e o tratamento de fertilização in vitro. Com este teste, ele e sua equipe de pesquisadores solidificam o papel dos testes genéticos na medicina reprodutiva, aumentando o sucesso do tratamento.

“Os resultados apresentados na conferência são os dados de validação de um teste que irá alterar a forma como a seleção de embriões é realizada”, disse Munné. “A análise genética pré-implantação com sequenciamento completo de genoma é um passo gigantesco: entre outras coisas, informará qual embrião será implantado com sucesso, porque saberemos de antemão qual deles é verdadeiramente saudável – sem doenças herdadas dos pais ou doenças de novo, como o autismo”, conclui ele.

Sobre a GenEmbryomics
Fundada pelo Dr. Nick Murphy em 2019, a GenEmbryomics é uma empresa de biotecnologia de ponta especializada na análise genômica de embriões para determinar os candidatos mais viáveis para a implantação de fertilização in vitro. Seu trabalho proporcionará índices de maior sucesso nos ciclos de fertilização in vitro, graças aos seus algoritmos proprietários que oferecem uma seleção de embriões mais precisa e eficiente, com base em todo o genoma de cada embrião.

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Les généticiens de la reproduction réunis à Paris présentent le tout premier test de séquençage du génome entier dans des embryons

  • Le Dr Santiago Munné, un pionnier du diagnostic génétique préimplantatoire, a présenté le nouveau test lors de la Conférence PGDIS
  • Non seulement ce nouveau test de laboratoire détectera les gènes hérités des parents, mais il révèlera également les nouvelles mutations pouvant mener à des maladies « de novo » comme l’autisme

PARIS, 20 avr. 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Le Dr Santiago Munné, pionnier du diagnostic génétique préimplantatoire, a présenté le premier test de séquençage du génome entier sur des embryons devant les participants à la 20e Conférence de la Société internationale de diagnostic génétique préimplantatoire (PGDIS pour Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis International Society), organisée cette semaine à Paris.

Lors de son allocution plénière à laquelle ont assisté plus de 300 experts, le Dr Munné, un précurseur de la génétique de la reproduction de renommée internationale, a présenté des données de validation pour GenomeScreen™, le test développé par l’équipe de recherche qu’il dirige dans la société de biotechnologie GenEmbryomics.

« Nous savions, depuis que nous avons commencé à travailler sur le diagnostic embryonnaire en 1993, que la sélection embryonnaire serait déterminante pour la grossesse, surtout chez les patientes plus âgées. Au cours des 30 dernières années, notre travail s’est concentré sur l’amélioration de la sélection embryonnaire génétique, même si l’approche diagnostique définitive (celle qui fournit le plus d’informations et les meilleurs résultats) sera sans aucun doute celle-ci : le séquençage du génome entier de l’embryon à l’aide de quelques cellules seulement obtenues à partir d’une biopsie. Ce test va ouvrir des portes dont nous ignorions jusqu’à l’existence », a déclaré le Dr Munné sur le travail accompli chez GenEmbryomics.

Comprendre le génome, cela signifie tout savoir sur un embryon avant le transfert
GenomeScreen™ est un nouveau test révolutionnaire sur le séquençage du génome entier pour les embryons issus de FIV, qui a été décrit par les autorités comme « le test génétique le plus complet dans la FIV » lors du forum PGDIS.

Le test apporte des renseignements extrêmement précis sur la séquence du génome de l’embryon et sur les parents génétiques, fournissant aux familles des informations préimplantatoires déterminantes sur la santé de l’embryon et le pronostic de reproduction pouvant éclairer leurs décisions. Par ailleurs, ces informations seront inestimables pour les personnes nées d’une FIV, car elles fourniront des données sur la nutrigénomique ou des conseils sur les médicaments les plus génétiquement adaptés au/à la patient(e).

« Au tout début de nos recherches sur le séquençage d’embryons, notre objectif était de créer un outil complet et puissant, qui pourrait doter les médecins de la fertilité de données exhaustives pour des dépistages de précision », s’est souvenu le Dr Nick Murphy, fondateur de GenEmbryomics. « Maintenant que nous avons cet outil et que nous l’utilisons avec une fiabilité de 99 %, nous avons conscience que ce diagnostic nous fournit des informations, mais améliore également considérablement le succès de la médecine de reproduction », a ajouté le Dr Murphy.

Le séquençage des embryons va augmenter les taux de réussite des FIV

Le professeur Munné, dont la carrière en tant que chef de file en génétique reproductive s’étend sur plus de 20 ans, a apporté d’énormes contributions à la sélection embryonnaire et au traitement de FIV. Avec ce test, lui et son équipe de chercheurs solidifient le rôle des tests génétiques dans la médecine de reproduction, augmentant le succès des traitements.

Selon le professeur Munné : « Les conclusions présentées lors de la conférence constituent les données de validation d’un test qui va changer la sélection embryonnaire telle que nous la connaissons ». « L’analyse génétique préimplantatoire avec séquençage du génome entier représente un pas de géant : entre autres choses, elle nous dira quels embryons s’implanteront avec succès, car nous saurons à l’avance lesquels sont vraiment en bonne santé, c’est-à-dire sans maladie héritée des parents ou sans maladie de novo, comme l’autisme », a-t-il conclu.

À propos de GenEmbryomics
Fondée par le Dr Nick Murphy en 2019, GenEmbryomics est une société de biotechnologie de pointe spécialisée dans l’analyse génomique des embryons afin de déterminer les candidats les plus viables pour une implantation par FIV. Son travail conduira à des taux de réussite plus élevés dans les cycles de FIV, grâce à ses algorithmes propriétaires qui permettent une sélection embryonnaire plus précise et plus efficace, basée sur le génome entier de chaque embryon.

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Are we seeing a new global paradigm of de-dollarisation? – Gabby questions

Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko has spoken about the continued impact of the dollar as the gold standard for global international trade.

Citing a recent video in which Kenyan president William Ruto is talking about how his country was currently buying their fuel needs in the local Kenyan Shillings from some suppliers, Gabby asked if the new wave is a paradigm of de-dollarization.

In the said video, Ruto is heard praising members of his economic advisory team who: “managed to put together a programme that has taken us away from looking for USD500 million every month to buy our fuel needs, which was slowly snowballing into a crisis.

“Today, as a country we can buy fuel in Kenyan Shillings, something that many people never thought it will be possible… from this month of April, all our fuel marketers, they will be able to buy our fuel products in Kenyan shillings,” he revealed at an event.

He continued that the new arrangement will, “remove pressure on our dollars. In fact, in the next few months, we will see the exchange rate coming down in a very phenomenal way,” he stressed.

“Are we seeing a new and sustainable global paradigm of de-dollarisation?” Gabby posted in a tweet dated April 16.

The dollar has in recent months come under severe scrutiny in its position as the main medium of global trade, Brazilian president Lula da Silva recently questioned the ‘might’ of the dollar asking why countries cannot trade in their own currencies.

In the case of Ghana, the exchange rate was a huge issue through last year, along with galloping inflation and high cost of living; the government admitted an economic downturn which pushed it to seek a US$3 billion bailout with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Source: Ghana Web

Ambulance Case: Ato Forson to call nine witnesses

Minority Leader, Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, says he will be calling nine witnesses to testify for the defence in his trial over the purchase of some ambulances.

Dr. Forson, who was a former deputy Finance Minister, and two others, a former Chief Director of the Ministry of Health, Dr Sylvester Anemana and a Businessman, Richard Jakpa, have been accused of causing financial loss to the state to the tune of 2.7 million Euro, in the deal to purchase ambulances between 2014 and 2016.

The Accra High Court on the last adjourned date, ordered the Minority Leader and the two other accused persons, to open their defence, after establishing a prima facie case against them. They filed submissions of no case after the prosecution closed its case, having called five witnesses.

Lawyer for the Minority Leader, Dr. Bassit Aziz Bamba, informed the court that they have filed two applications. The first is for leave to file witness statements and the second one is an application for disclosures by the Attorney-General.

He also told the court that the defence could not have a conference with some of the witnesses, because they are outside the country. Dr. Anemana, said he will be calling six witnesses, while Mr. Jakpa, mentioned five.

The presiding Judge, Justice Afia Serwaa Asare-Botwe, ordered the prosecution to file all disclosures by April 21, 2023. She also directed the defence to file their witness statements and exhibits on or before May 4, 2023 and adjourned to May 9, 2023 for ?ase Management Conference.

Source: Ghana Web

All FDA-registered tomato paste, tomato mix safe

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has assured the public that all products registered by the Authority, including tomato paste and tomato mix on the Ghanaian market, are safe.

The assurance comes on the back of a social media documentary about the production of a tomato paste brand in China which condemns the production of the tomato concentrate mixed with other ingredients found on the Ghanaian market.

The FDA, in a statement, explained that there are two variations of tomato concentrate products: tomato paste and tomato mix.

According to the Ghana Standards GS 245:2019, the FDA explained that tomato paste is a tomato concentrate to which salt and other suitable seasoning ingredients may be added whiles tomato mix per the Ghana Standards GS 1203:2018, is tomato concentrate and/or tomato powder (granules) to which water, salt, starch, dietary fibre and other optional ingredients mentioned in clause 5.1.2 are added.

With regard to the labelling of these products in Ghana, the FDA said it has separate guidelines for labelling tomato mix and seasoned tomato mix – tomato seasoning mix that require a quantitative declaration in percentages of tomato and all the ingredients mentioned above if used in the production of the product.

The FDA stressed that all products registered by the Authority, including tomato paste and tomato mix are safe.

The current FDA regulatory measures being implemented, according to the Authority, include sampling and testing all batches of tomato paste and tomato mix products locally manufactured in and imported into the country before clearance as prescribed by standards and labeling guidelines.

In addition, periodic market surveillance is done on all FDA regulated products including tomato paste and tomato mix to ensure compliance to these standards.

The FDA further clarified that Gino, a brand mentioned in the documentary, officially ceased the importation of tomato paste onto the Ghanaian market, and from November 2018, only imports bulk tomato concentrate for the production of Gino tomato mix locally.

Source: Ghana Web

Akwatialine wood sellers fight Asokore Mampong assembly, MCE over unlawful evacuation

Some wood sellers at the Akwatialine in the Asokore Mampong Municipality of the Ashanti region have accused the municipal assembly and the MCE, Kennedy Kankam of backing a contractor to illegally evacuate them without any prior notice.

According to the angry traders, they can’t understand why a place that had been legally acquired and occupied by them for almost 50 years, could suddenly be seized by the assembly and the said contractor without any prior notice and subsequent arrangement.

Speaking in an interview with GhanaWeb, Omar Mohammed, the association’s secretary said, he was very disappointed in the MCE, Kennedy Kankam for authorising a contractor to evacuate them without at least making any arrangements for them.

According to him, the only thing he and his other executives could remember was that the MCE once told them he was going to assign the contractor to prepare a place for them so that the contractor could develop the current place they are occupying as wood sellers.

He said they pleaded with the MCE to take his time to explain things to them, and even allow the contractor to compensate them before relocating them to a new place.

Sadly, he said, they couldn’t hear anything from the MCE again, but only to wake to witness this unlawful evacuation.

“Close to the Christmas season, the MCE met with us and promised that he was going to see about three(3) chiefs so that they would give him pieces of land where the contractor may prepare for us to occupy. After that meeting, they came to take measurements and did a head count of our members.

Just one week after the head count, the MCE invited us to his office where we thought that he was going to give us some words of hope. Unfortunately, he told us the contractor had assured him that he could develop the place we were occupying without evacuating us. We however got confused but the MCE told us the contractor would direct us on what to do next,” he explained.

He further disclosed that the next thing they saw was that, the contractor had ordered his men to barricade the place to prevent them from entering to have access to their woods.

According to some wood sellers who spoke to GhanaWeb, in their attempts to question why they were given such ill-treatments, the next thing they saw was police brutalities amid shootings.

“They fired gunshots with live bullets. Some have been injured, and others were even arrested,” a male wood seller disclosed.

Another female seller who claimed to have occupied the place for more than 40 years said, “Why must we be treated like animals on our own land? Is that how to forcibly seize someone’s place of survival and daily bread from him? The MCE must come again. Why must they think of their own parochial interest without thinking of the masses? If you’re not able to help put food on my table, must you also prevent me from eating?” she angrily quizzed.

Meanwhile, for some of the wood sellers, the evacuation was hugely going to affect them, their families and other people who depended on them for their daily survival.

According to them, the fight which started almost one week ago had still not been calmed due to the inactions of the MCE. They said the place had still barricaded despite their earlier protest.

The angry workers are however calling on the municipal assembly to stop harassing them with the forced evacuation. “We want to tell them that we want to remain here as wood sellers since we acquired it legally,” they concluded.


A fight that ensued between some youth at Akwatialine and some security patrol led to the injury of three wood sellers while nine(9) were allegedly arrested.

The misunderstanding occurred on Friday after the sellers had protested over an evacuation attempt by a certain contractor with authorisation from the municipal assembly.

The wood sellers in their attempts to stop the contractor from barricading the compound faced a tough time after a reinforcement team intervened to make to fight a brutal one

Source: Ghana Web