Police investigate death of two young men at Kotwi

Kumasi,– The Ashanti Regional Police Command is investigating the circumstances under which two young men perished under bizarre circumstances at Kotwi in the Atwima-Kwanwoma District, on Sunday, January 16, this year.

The bodies of the deceased, Nana Boakye, and one Sheriff, were said to have been retrieved at different locations at the said community having sustained deep wounds in a melee that broke out between them.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Godwin Ahianyo, in-charge of the Regional Police Public Affairs Unit, briefing the media in Kumasi, said the police on Sunday evening were alerted that one of the deceased persons, Nana Boakye, had been stabbed resulting in his instant death.

“When some personnel were detailed to the crime scene at Kotwi his lifeless body was discovered, while that of the assailant, Sheriff, was also retrieved at Brofoyedu Junction,” ASP Ahianyo stated.

Sheriff, who is alleged to have stabbed Nana Boakye in the chest in the course of the fracas purportedly took to his heels, but was chased by some youth in the area and lynched.

According to the police, both bodies had been deposited at the morgue for autopsy.

Source: Ghana News Agency

About 2,487 marriages registered in Kpone–Katamanso

Kpone (Near Tema),– About 2,487 marriages were duly contracted and registered between 2020 and 2021, while 15 were annulled in 2020 and 13 in 2021 in the Kpone-Katamanso Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, the Municipal Marriage registrar has disclosed.

A total of 1,216 marriages were registered in 2020, and 1,271 registered in 2021; Mr. Eric Quardey, Kpone–Katamanso Municipal Marriage Registrar told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Kpone.

He said already 34 marriages had been registered this year.

He added that although the numbers for divorce were not huge, prospective partners must work things out to reduce the divorce cases.

Mr Quardey explained that marriage was an institution and needed to be registered before prospective couples could be legally recognized as husband and wife.

According to him the minimum age required for an individual to get married in Ghana was 18 years and above saying there were basically three types of marriages recognized in Ghana which he said included the Mohammedan, Ordinance, and the Customary types of marriages.

He noted that marriages were for mature people and anyone who wished to get into marriage must at least be independent in various facets of their lives.

The Kpone Marriage Registrar explained that people, most especially ladies, sometimes go into marriages with high ambitious expectations so when the uncertainties set in then they run to the court for annulments.

He also advised men to be responsible in marriages, saying “men should get into gainful employment before considering getting into marriage, the marital union is not only built on love but on the element of financial stability”.

Mr. Quardey mentioned that marriage was a good thing and everyone must endeavour to join that union one day but with a good purpose.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Government support has eliminated more PWDs from streets—Social Welfare

Takoradi,-Madam Constance Baiden, Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan Director of the Department of Social welfare and Community Development has landed Government’s support for Persons With Disability (PWDs) saying it was impacting lives.

According to her, many PWDs had been able to establish businesses and were doing well because of the support they received from the Government under the District Assembly common fund.

This, she indicated had eliminated more PWDs, especially children from the streets except for few recalcitrant ones.

Madam Baiden made the observation when they distributed assorted items to some PWDs in the Metropolis on Monday.

In all, about 25 PWDs in the Metropolis received both cash and items ranging from provisions, refrigerators, fufu pounding machines, plastic chairs, and Computer laptops among others to support their businesses.

The items amounted to GHS58,000.

“A lot of them are doing petty trading using the items we give them. So to a large extent, I will say the support has been successful and the beneficiaries are seeing the impacts in their lives”, Madam Baiden said.

“It is only a few recalcitrant disabled who are on the streets, but most of them are doing well with the support with the support we are giving them”, she added.

Madam Baiden mentioned that seven of the beneficiaries were children and indicated that the support had helped many children with disability to go back to school with some even at the tertiary levels.

To ensure that the beneficiaries used the items for the intended purpose, she said the Social welfare had intensified its monitoring schemes to include pre- monitoring.

This, she said would helped eliminate the situation, where people received the items and in turn sell or people who did not really need the items received them at the expense of those who needed them.

“Majority of them have been using the items well to their benefit and that of their families”, she added.

She, however, appealed to the beneficiaries to use the items received for the intended purpose to improve upon their lives.

Mr Abdul Mumin Issah, the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) said the items were procured based on the request of the beneficiaries and expressed the hope that the support would go a long way to improve on their living conditions.

He said the donation formed part of the Government’s efforts to make life comfortable to PWDs in the country.

The MCE expressed gratitude to the Government and advised the beneficiaries to use the items to improve on their businesses and to improve their lives.

Madam Esther Efua Ansah, a beneficiary who had been receiving the Common Fund support for the past five years, recounted how the support had been useful in her life.

She said she was able to set up a provisions store, to support her family and implored other beneficiaries to make good use of the items.

Another beneficiary, Madam Sarah Lafia, a second hand clothes dealer, advised her colleagues not to allow their abled family members to take the items from them, but take charge to earn a living out of it.

She also recounted how beneficial the support had been for her and in taking care of herself and two grandchildren under her care.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Churches urged to provide security to ensure safety of members

Kumasi,-The Ashanti Regional Police Command has appealed to the leadership of various churches to take steps to provide security at their premises to ensure the safety of their members.

“This is in view of the emerging cases of criminal activities on the premises of some churches during services and other social events, by some criminal gangs operating in the Kumasi metropolis.”

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Gordon Ahianyo Ashanti Regional Police Public Relations Officer, who made the call said it was time the leadership of various churches took action to protect the safety of the life and properties of their members during church activities.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in reaction to the snatching of a vehicle from its owner, while parking in front of a church at Santasi to attend service on Sunday, he said that was not the only case to have happened in the Kumasi metropolis in recent times.

ASP Ahianyo said another woman also reported the theft of her vehicle during a service in one of the churches in the Kumasi metropolis about two weeks ago.

In the Sunday January 16, 2022 case, the two criminals who were wielding a gun suddenly accosted the lady who was trying to remove her nine-month baby from the back seat of the vehicle after parking in front of the church.

The robbers snatched the vehicle together with the little child and bolted.

However, a swift alert of the police by some church members and the hot chase by some taxi drivers who saw the action, as well as the quick response by the police, made the criminals to abandon the vehicle and the baby half way.

The baby and the vehicle had been retrieved while the police mounted an intensive search to arrest the culprits.

ASP Ahianyo said the police, who had already taken crime scene samples and finger prints on the vehicle, were also reviewing the CCTV cameras in the area to help identify the criminals and arrest them.

He stressed the need for members of the public to take keen interest in their own security wherever they found themselves since criminals had devised various strategies to carry out their operations.

ASP Ahianyo said the police were on top of the security situation in the region and called on the citizens to provide information to help the police arrest criminals in the communities.

Source: Ghana News Agency

One percent of commercial drivers have one functional eye- GOA

Tema,-The Ghana Optometric Association (GOA) has revealed that about one percent of commercial drivers drive with one functional eye, even though good vision is a fundamental component of safe driving.

The Association said vision was one of the most important sensory factors for driving.

“Drivers with good vision have an advantage over those with poor vision as far as Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) are concerned,” Dr Alfred Gardemor, GOA Public Relations Officer stated at Ghana News Agency-Tema Regional Office and the Ghana Optometric Association fortnightly public sensitization initiative “GNA-GOA: My Eye! My Vision!

The initiative is a collaborative public education advocacy campaign to promote the need for people to access eye care and also to draw attention to vision health.

The GNA-GOA: My Eyes! My Vision! The initiative also seeks to challenge the public and policymakers to focus on vision as a health issue, which forms a critical component of mankind’s wellbeing but is often neglected.

Dr. Gardemor who quoted from a survey conducted in 2015 by a team of researchers headed by Dr Samuel Bert Boadi-Kusi, Department of Optometry, University of Cape Coast said “RTAs are a major health problem worldwide, and a leading cause of death from trauma with an estimated annual death of 1.2 million and up to 50 million injuries worldwide”.

He said in Ghana, RTAs, with their associated fatalities were on the increase over the years, and are reported to be higher than in most West African countries, being second after Nigeria, stressing that road safety education must now focus on good vision in driving.

“Colour vision plays an important role in driving, as a defect leads to difficulty in recognizing traffic signs and signals, as well as signals from other vehicles.

Dr. Kwame Yeboah Junior, an Optometrist at Cape Coast Teaching Hospital answering question noted that among the five senses, vision was the most important to the driver and road safety and explained that it was needed to make the driver see the road and everything on it, protect the pedestrians, identify road hazards, road signs, indicators on the dashboard among others.

He said most of the drivers after going through eye test to acquire a drivers’ license, did not go back to check their eyes.

Dr. Yeboah said the importance of vision in driving could not be overemphasized adding that it was an essential element that could not be overlooked.

Mr. Francis Ameyibor GNA Tema Regional Manager explained that as part of “GNA-GOA: My Eyes! My Vision! “We are combining the forces of our professional calling as Optometric Physicians and Communication Experts to reach out to the public with a well-coordinated message”.

Source: Ghana News Agency