2020 Masquerade festival commemorated successfully in Winneba

Winneba (C/R) – The 2020 masquerade festival of the people of Winneba in the Efutu constituency ended successfully with a pledge to build on the successes of the past to economically empower the citizenry.

The masquerade festival, a distinct cultural event marked at the start of each year, is famous for participants’ use of a rich variety of masks, known locally as ‘kaakamotobi, to conceal their identity during memorable colourful ceremonies dominated by the wearing of different types of indigenous regalia, historic ornaments and elegant costumes.

Five masquerading groups made up of both the young and old in the Efutu constituency participated in the competition which was sponsored by the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Mr. Alexander Afenyo-Markin, and displayed various unique dancing steps.

They were taken through five disciplines ranging from inspection of their costumes, March pass, slow dancing, high life dancing and hot dancing respectively.

The Royals number 5 masquerade Group were crowned winners of the competition followed by Egya number 2 group, Tomus Number 3 group took the third position, while Nobles Number 1 group become fourth and Red Cross Number 4 group took the fifth position.

For their award, each of the participating groups were given a Trophy.

Mr. Afenyo-Markin, in an address entreated the people of Efutu to take stock of the challenges and achievement of the past year and draw the necessary inspirations, lessons and strengths to propel them to attain greater success in the coming years.

Being your MP for the part seven years, I have seen at first hand the daily struggles of people in their honest and determined efforts to improve their lives and that of their families, he noted.

He mentioned the provision of nearly 300 outboard motors to the hardworking fishermen in the area, distribution of 150 taxis to drivers for work and pay, supply of over 3,200 sewing machines to seamstresses, distribution of 2,850 to hairdressers and dressmakers as some key examples of historical and major gains in the lives of the citizenry.

The MP assured that he would continue to work towards bridging the housing deficit in the area by focusing on social and affordable housing initiatives to not only provide decent housing p but create job opportunities for local contractors.

He encouraged his constituents to demonstrate meaningful individual and collective hard-work at all reverent times to inspire the desired successes.

Source: Ghana News Agency