Comply with Safety Regulations or you lose Licence – Amewu

Accra, – The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources has underscored the need for all mining companies operating in the country to observe strict safety regulations.

It warned that any mining firm that goes contrary to the directive would be suspended and licences revoked.

This was contained in a statement issued by Professor Patrick Agbesinyale, the Acting Chief Director of the Ministry on behalf of the Sector Minister, Mr John Peter Amewu, and copied to the Ghana News Agency, in Accra on Monday.

The statement comes in the wake of the mining accident that occurred at the Newmont Ghana Limited last Saturday, April 7, which claimed six lives of the workers of Consar Company Limited, a sub-contracting firm, which was contracted to construct a reclaimed tunnel roof as part of the Ahafo Mill Expansion Project.

During a visit by the Sector Minister to the scene of the accident last Sunday, April 8; Mr Amewu tasked officials of the Minerals Commission to investigate and produce a detailed report within two weeks, to ascertain the cause of the disaster for further action.

The Ministry, on behalf of the government, expressed its condolences to the bereaved family and wished those injured speedy recovery.

Source: Ghana News Agency

OccupyGhana criticises government for speedy passage of military agreement

Accra – A political pressure group OccupyGhana has lashed out at Government for rushing the Ghana-US Military Agreement co-operation to Parliament for ratification considering the intensity of debate it had generated.

It said the speed to ratify the agreement on the last day of sitting at a time when the vast majority of Ghanaians were realising probably for the first time that that agreement existed was not right.

This is contained in a statement issued by OccupyGhana on Monday, and copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra.

”Ghanaians deserved more time to debate and assimilate its terms, which would have better informed our support of or opposition to it. The night time and acrimonious ratification proceedings was unfortunate,” the statement stated.

It expressed disappointment over Parliament’s failure to exercise the same level of urgency to pass the Right to Information Bill into law, but rather rushed in ratifying the Defence Agreement co-operation.

It said agreement of that nature with utmost public interest, which required parliamentary ratification should not be assumed to be confidential, but must be made available to the public.

The statement said the agreement although ratified by Parliament, would not immediately come into force, adding that, Article 19 of the Agreement required that, it would only come into force when the parties to it have exchanged the required diplomatic ‘notes.’

However, it said where confidentiality is genuinely required, such documents are supposed to be given the requisite status under the State Secrets Act, 1962 (Act 101), and more so, the security classification of such agreements is specifically agreed upon in negotiations so that the state-parties to them would have a uniform and reciprocal treatment of such documents in their respective jurisdictions.

It indicated that the portions of the Ghana-US Military Agreement cooperation that confer diplomatic status, privileges and immunities on the US Military and its agents would require a Legislative Instrument prepared by the President and sent to Parliament for passage before it could be enforced.

”Ghana passed the Diplomatic Immunities Act, 1962 (ACT 148), according to section one of the Act, to give the force of law to the receiving state obligations under (Articles 22, 23, 24, and 27 to 40 of the Vienna Convention (which regulate the immunities and privileges, including exemption from taxation, freedom of communication, inviolability of premises and immunity from civil and criminal jurisdiction, to be conferred upon diplomatic agents).

”These privileges and immunities apply automatically to diplomatic agents (which would include military attaches) and not to any other persons or organisations, including members of visiting military forces, who are ordinarily covered by the Visiting Forces Act, 1962 (Act 117),” the statement explained.

It said for all such other persons or organisations, section two of the Diplomatic Immunities Act demands that the President may, by legislative instrument, make Regulations extending any or all of the immunities and privileges conferred on diplomatic agents by virtue of this Act to prescribed organisations and prescribed representatives and officials, subject to such conditions and limitations as may be prescribed.

It noted that, that provision empowers the President to extend the status, privileges and immunities to persons other than diplomats properly so-called.

However, once the President elects to exercise this power, he is bound to act by or under a Legislative Instrument, which must be placed before and passed by Parliament under Article 11 of the Constitution.

The statement, however, appreciated the fact that, the agreement was initially sent to Parliament, noting that, it was the third time in the history of the Fourth Republic that such an agreement has been sent for parliamentary ratification.

Source: Ghana News Agency

“Nyantakyi would contest and win in 2019” – Awudu Issaka

Accra Awudu Issaka, ex-Ghana youth star, has said Mr. Kwasi Nyantakyi President of Ghana Football Association (GFA), would contest for the presidency and win massively.

Mr Issaka, who owns a division two club, Royal Awudu Issaka Soccer Academy, has said contrary to reports that, Mr. Nyantakyi would not contest again, he was convinced that, the president would go for re-election in 2019 and possibly win, because he is a formidable candidate.

I doubt if any of them can match him. He is capable of beating them if he contests, he told the GNA Sports in an interview.

I think from the look of things he would contest again. And trust me, if he contests he would win again, Issaka said.

Mr. Issaka however advised the president to stick to his decision not to contest and allow a different person with new ideas to run football in the country.

I think Nyantakyi has paid his dues for Ghana football. I can’t say that he is the right person or wrong person to lead us, he added.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Hall Four dominates in maiden ATU Inter Halls Sports Festival

Accra- Hall Four of Accra Technical University (ATU) went away with the bragging rights as the Best Hall in the maiden edition of the ATU Inter Halls Sports Festival after sweeping majority of the coveted prizes.

The two-day sporting event, which was opened with a colourful ceremony saw all four Halls compete in five sporting disciplines with massive student participation.

The Halls which includes; Hall One, Hall Two, Hall Three and Hall Four battled for glory in Volleyball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Basketball, Handball at the multi-purpose sports complex on the school’s campus.

Hall four came top after the games with four Gold medals in Volleyball female, Table Tennis male, Table Tennis female and Handball female.

They also won a silver medal (Handball male) and a bronze medal (basketball male).

Hall one won two gold medals (Basketball female and Tennis), three silver medals (Table Tennis male, Table Tennis female, Volleyball male) and three bronze medals (Handball male, Table Tennis male, Volleyball male).

Hall three took home two gold medals, three silver medals and a bronze medal, whilst Hall two won one gold medal, two silver medal and two bronze medals.

Professor Edmund Ameko Acting Vice Chancellor of the University, said the games was important exercise for the school as they prepare to host the GABSA games next year.

He said that sports bring unity and promote competition among students, henceforth a good exercise.

He noted that ATU was committed to promoting sports and assured the athletes of the school administration’s support for them.

Mr Michael Okae-Adow, Dean of Students said in an interview with the GNA Sports that, organising games of such nature was necessary for the welfare of the students on campus.

Source: Ghana News Agency


ACCRA– Investigations have begun into the Saturday accident at Newmont Ghana’s Ahafo mine that claimed the lives of six construction workers from a contracted company.

The scene of the accident has been cordoned off and investigations are being spearheaded by the Minerals Commission’s Principal Inspector of mines for the Ashanti Region.

Addressing the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, who was accompanied by the media and other officials, the acting General Manager of Newmont Mine at Ahafo, Okeyere Yaw Ntramah, said the mine was cooperating with the regulatory authorities, specifically the inspectorate division of the Minerals Commission and the police, who are also assisting with the investigation.

We continue to offer support to the Consar Limited employees and we are in collaboration with Consar to ensure that this investigation is properly conducted and concluded to give us the basic cause of the event, he added.

The collapse happened at around midday on Saturday, April 7, when 10 workers were working on a reclaim tunnel on the Ahafo Mill Expansion project.

Two of the workers were above pouring some concrete when the roof caved in, also leading to some concrete spilling on some of the eight workers below and trapping them.

Ntramah said an emergency recovery team was dispatched immediately after the accident and they were able to rescue two of the eight workers who were below when the collapse occurred.

It was only after 2:30 AM Sunday that they recovered the last of the six deceased workers.

It was a strenuous operation that required care and dedication with respect to the human body. It was fast setting concrete that poured on them so we had to take care to make sure that the rescue operation was safe and they were able to recover all of them, he explained.

He added that the families of deceased have all been notified and the survivors are in good health

Operations at the Ahafo mine and its sister mine at Akyem have also been suspended.