2018 National Campus Community Congress opens

Accra� The 2018 National Campus Community Congress has opened in Accra with a call on the youth, especially those in tertiary institutions to resist negative activities and avail themselves to transform the society.

The annual event is being organised by the Deeper Life Bible Church (DLBC) and it is taking place concurrently at Anyaa, Accra for those from the southern sector and at the Deeper Life Regional Camp Ground and Brofoyedru, Kumasi for participants from the northern sector.

It is on the theme, Transforming Intellectuals into agents of Transformation and it is expected to attract over 5,000 participants for the two grounds.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Pastor Edward Duodu, the National Overseer of the Church, said the nation was at a cross-road as its people are bogged down by a daunting population of youth who take pleasure in sin and perpetrate evil practices.

They disdain righteous living submitting such godly life as backwardness and classify them as living in the past. Our campuses are now the epicentre of evil practices, he added.

He said: Ghana’s population stands at 29.46 million and the country have a young age structure, with almost 57 per cent of the population under the age of 25.

A huge number are in tertiary institutions and will soon come out to assume leadership positions. If only a fraction of them is identified with righteousness over sinful acts, what is the hope of the country? I dare to ask.

Pastor Doudu said Ghana needed a new set of intellectuals who would deliver sincere, honest and corruption-free leaders.

He said the theme for the congress was right on point as those on campus community were truly intellectuals, filled with knowledge and understanding.

He explained that if such group are exposed to the Gospel, then, God could use them as agents of transformation in that community.

God is counting on the already transformed believers on the campuses to step up their evangelistic effort to turn people to Jesus Christ, he added.

Pastor Francis Fosu, the National Campus Coordinator, said: It is very important that those who are in our fold are first transformed so they can be equipped and positioned as change agents.

He noted that deep seated bribery, corruption, nepotism, hypocrisy, lies, injustice, violence and disrespect to leadership and elderly, have all been handed over to the youth from country’s campuses.

He blamed poor academic performances on the negative lifestyle of students on campuses and emphasised the need for a change.

Time is not waiting for us, we must move fast enough to stem the tide otherwise decay will cover the land.

The Reverend Professor Emmanuel Kingsley K. Larbi, Founder and Chancellor, Regent University of Science and Technology, urged the youth to take up leadership roles wherever they found themselves.

Do not wait to become a president or a politician before assuming leadership roles. Wherever you are, see yourself as a leader and instil discipline and empower others to also become agents of change, he added.

Source: Ghana News Agency