Let’s overcome division and unite – Dombo

Kumasi, The Deputy National Treasurer of the Peoples’ National Convention (PNC), Mr. Robert Dambo, has called for members of the party to overcome division and accept to work together with unity of purpose.

He said it would be unthinkable of going into the next presidential and parliamentary elections with a divided and fragmented front.

That was why they all needed to show genuine desire and commitment to heal any wounds.

Making the call through the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Mr. Dombo said he found it deeply troubling the cracks in the party and indicated that it would not be in the interest of any of the members to see this continued.

He underlined the urgent need to send the right signals to voters that the party was in for serious business and ready to govern.

The PNC, he added, required to re-strategize and to rebrand to become attractive to voting population.

Mr. Dombo, who has declared his intention to contest the General Secretary position, said the party’s leadership structure should be strengthened and its development vision for the country, properly articulated.

It should have dedicated core of political communicators to reach out to everybody with the party’s message � what it would be doing differently to bring real progress and prosperity to the nation.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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