Mediwell Holdings Engages Palewater Advisory Group as It Seeks Growth Alternatives

NEW YORK, June 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mediwell Holdings (Pty) Ltd a Johannesburg-based Healthcare services Company, announced today that it has entered into an advisory agreement (the “Advisory Agreement“) with Palewater Advisory Group, Inc. (“PAG“) pursuant to which PAG has agreed to provide advisory services to the Company for a period of 12 months […] … Read More >Mediwell Holdings Engages Palewater Advisory Group as It Seeks Growth Alternatives

President Akufo-Addo urges Council of State to support him

Accra, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on Tuesday held his first meeting with the Council of State, urging the members of the Council to lend him the needed support to meet the aspirations of Ghanaians.

The Principal responsibility that I have is to lead the government that is going to get our economy working again and that is the way that our young men and women are going to get jobs I am counting on all of you to give me the maximum assistance so that that brighter future that the Ghanaian people are expecting, that led them to vote for me and my party, on the 7th of December, will be realised, he said.

The President had earlier on sworn into the Council of State, the immediate former Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood, who retired from that office, a fortnight ago. Her induction into the Council completes the mandatory 25-man body that would lend advice to the president on pertinent issues affecting the nation.

He thanked the Council of State for the efficient and expeditious manner that they had dealt with all the appointments that had been referred to it and for the pieces of advice they had given him.

The President said he was particularly pleased that the Council had initiated moves to examine the effects of the galamsey phenomenon across country, saying that this signaled your concern and determination to be part of the solution to the problem of the galamsey phenomenon.

He reminded the members of the importance of the Council of State in Ghana’s governance landscape, but urged them to ensure that their activities do not clog the operations of government and other institutions of our Republic.

I believe that there is an underlying premise which is about the quality of those who should be members of this body � men and women of experience. People who know what is required to be done about the welfare of the Ghanaian people and therefore, the powers that you have would be exercised with circumspection.

The Constitution requires that you meet in camera largely because of the confidential nature of the advice that you give the President or any other institution but again, where you think that it is appropriate, you can open your doors to the public for them to come and witness your proceedings, he said.

So it is clear that you are playing an extremely important role in the governance of our nation and it is underlined by these constitutional provisions, the President added.

Fortunately for the nation, President Akufo-Addo said, the current composition of the council was reflective of a very broad spectrum of very eminent citizens of Ghana drawn from political life, public life, traditional authorities, security services, people from the world of business, other professions � a very broad spectrum of people who had come together and collectively meeting to give meaningful advice to the President and the various institutions.

I am counting on you a lot to assist me. These are very heavy responsibilities that are imposed upon the President under our constitutional order. He is the executive and his authority is widespread.

It is important that any human being given the power that has been reserved for the President under our constitution had people who can provide the needed support and be credible in order to make such interventions, he said.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams expected in Ghana

Accra, Ms Betty Williams is expected in Ghana on Tuesday night ahead of this year’s PeaceJam Ghana youth leadership conference scheduled to take place at the University of Ghana, Legon Campus on June 24 and 25.

A statement signed by Wisdom Addo, the Executive Director the of the West Africa Centre for Peace Foundation(WACPF), the official chapter of PeaceJam in Ghana, and copied to the Ghana News Agency said it will host Nobel Peace laureate Betty Williams during her stay in the country.

During the conference, the youth (Peace Jammers) drawn from some Junior and Senior High schools in Greater Accra, Eastern and Western Regions with the help of some adult mentors would study the life and work of the Nobel Peace Laureate,

They would also learn about issues such as violence and intolerance facing young people today, and develop and implement service projects designed to address problems in their communities.

The statement said, Aside the Noble Peace Laureate speaking at the event, participants (Peace Jammers) of the conference together with their adult mentors and teachers would join the campaign against illegal mining and mob violence by way of a float in some parts of Accra.

According to the statement, Mr Addo said PeaceJam � a float was about peace and development hence, it would be a neglect of responsibility by the foundation if it did not support the call against illegal mining and mob violence, which he described as a bane to human and national development.

The WACPF and the PeaceJam Foundation has its core mandate of getting young people to learn about peace building, community service and human development and if this canker exists with us and we do not do anything about it, then indeed we are being irresponsible, he said.

The statement noted: PeaceJam is an international education programme built around peace prize laureates who work with the youth to help pass on the spirit, skills and wisdom they embody.

The programme sparks commitment to justice and peace, social responsibility, academic excellence and other values that seeks to inspire young people and make them transformational leaders who will cherish changing themselves and society for the better

Ms Williams, born on May 22, 1943 at Belfast, Northern Ireland is a co-recipient with Mairead Corrigan of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976 for her work as a co-founder of Community of Peace People,

She heads the Global Children’s Foundation and is the President of the World Centre of Compassion for Children International. The WCCC is building their first ‘City of Compassion’ in southern Italy.

This city will be a safe haven for children who are mostly at risk to the horrors of war, hunger, disease and abuse.

Ms Williams has been a member of PeaceJam since 1996 and is also the Chair of Institute for Asian Democracy in Washington D.C. and a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Nova Southeastern University. Ms lectures widely on topics of peace, education, inter-cultural and inter-faith understanding, anti-extremism, and children’s rights.

Aside the Nobel Peace Prize, Betty Williams has won awards such as the People’s Peace Prize of Norway in 1976, the Schweitzer Medallion for Courage, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award, the Eleanor Roosevelt Award in 1984, and the Frank Foundation Child Care International Oliver Award.

In 1995, she was awarded the Rotary Club International “Paul Harris Fellowship: and the Together for Peace Building Award, the statement added.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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