Women must be agents of change

Tema- The Reverend Lawrence Kwesi Tete, Minister-in-Charge of Grace Presbyterian Church, Tema community Eleven, on Wednesday urged women to take initiatives that will lead to change in society.

Rev. Tete in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Tema noted that it was not enough for women to continue using the mantra “what men can do, women can do better,” without taking the initiative to translate it into the bridge for change.

Relating it to some women in the Bible, the Presbyterian Pastor said, women such as Salomey, and Mary Magdalene, showed courage and initiative when the men retreated during the troubled times.

“This draws my attention to the fact that we cannot downplay the efforts and power of women,” he said, women have the ability to bring the needed change people had been craving for.

Rev Tete said it was sad that most at times the power, intelligence, efforts, and contributions of women were relegated to the background which he stressed must not be so.

“I want to encourage all of us from husbands, brothers, and men everywhere to see to the fact that women complement the efforts of men in the development of our society as well”, he said.

Source: Ghana News Agency



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