We must work together to restore Xavi Bird’s Watching Sanctuary – MCE

Xavi (VR), Nov.5, GNA – Mr Kofitsey Martin Nyahe, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Akatsi South in the Volta Region, has appealed to individuals and Philanthropic groups to assist the Assembly to bring back the glory days of the Xavi Bird’s Watching Sanctuary.

Mr Nyahe said it was appropriate they worked together to restore the magnificent eco-tourism site to the tourism map of the Region and the nation at large.

“Xavi is well known worldwide as a place where tourists from all over the world can have a good viewing of a variety of birds,” he said.

Mr Nyahe made the appeal in an interaction with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) after a visit to the area.

Mr Jerome Vickar, a member of the Tourism Management Committee at Xavi who is also the caretaker of the tourist site, told the GNA, that the Xavi Bird Watching Sanctuary project came into being in the year 2000.

He said the idea to establish the sanctuary was to enable the forest and the ‘Lotor’ River area to be conserved.

The ‘Lotor’ River is believed to house a crocodile, called in the Ewe language as ‘Elo’, a local deity, which they worship as a river god.

The Community Bird Watching Sanctuary is 12 kilometers away from Akatsi, the Municipal capital.

The river is also about 12 kilometers in length with the forest along the river banks.

The tourist site has a forest on the riparian zone of the ‘Lotor’ River where visitors were given a ride in a locally dugout canoe along the river to view the different creatures in the forest such as birds and snakes.

Xavi is a community in the Akatsi South Municipality of Volta Region.

Residents in the area and its surrounding villages predominantly are farmers as well as businessmen and women, some of whom are notable Chief Executives of some private companies in Ghana and beyond.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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