University Professor condemns ‘#Fixthecountry’ campaign, calls for bottom-up attitudinal change

Fiapre, (B/R),– A Catholic Priest, Very Reverend Father Professor Peter Nkrumah Amponsah, the Dean of Graduate Studies, Catholic University College of Ghana (CUCG) has condemned the ‘#Fixthecountry’ campaign, and called for bottom-up attitudinal change towards national re-construction processes.

He bemoaned acts of indiscipline, corruption, and moral decadence, which had taken over societal fibre, saying, “Until we change our attitudes as Ghanaians, no government can fix this country”.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at the University’s main campus at Fiapre in the Sunyani West Municipality, Very Rev. Fr. Prof. Amponsah noted corruption remained the bane of socio-economic development, regretting “traces of corruption could now be found in every Ghanaian”.

“Fixing the country is not the sole responsibility of the central government. Ask the conveners of the campaign what they are contributing. Unfortunately, most of the campaigners did not see where this Ghana was before. So I think it’s better they keep quiet if they don’t have anything to contribute towards nation-building”, the Catholic Priest stated.

Very Rev. Fr. Prof. Amponsah commended the Police for stopping the campaigners from undertaking their intended protest march in Accra, saying “we must stand against any behaviour that could trigger a third wave of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) infection in the country”.

“I strongly sympathise with many of these young people because they do not have jobs to do. But COVID-19 has slowed down everything in the world. We are in challenging moments and we must all prevent the spread of the disease before the unexpected happens in the country”, he added.

He observed the COVID-19 had had huge economic repercussions on governments around the world, adding it would be economically suicidal if Ghanaians disregarded the health and safety protocols and restrictions that could lead to the spread of the pandemic.

Very Rev. Fr. Prof. Amponsah called on the Police and other law enforcement agencies to do their work with firmness, and instill discipline, “common sense” and a high level of civility, and change the mindset of the populace.

Source: Ghana News Agency



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