Uavailability of integrated supply-chain management cause of uncompleted, delayed projects

Accra, – Mr Justice Awuku-Sao, Vice President, Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management – Ghana (CISCM), says the lack of teamwork in the implementation of national projects is the cause of the delayed and uncompleted projects.

He said there was less coordination in the carrying out of projects among professionals in the supply-chain system, saying project implementation needed all team members from planning to implementing to identify challenges and progress along the project chain.

“But the problem is with the implementation of projects. When it comes to implementation we only see one aspect of the people doing the job, whereas, all other actors are left behind. We should learn to do things as a team because it is integrated,” he added.

Mr Awuku-Sao said this at a general meeting of CISCM fellows which sought to chart a path for the future of the Insitute.

He said, as a country, we needed to have a national agenda to prevent the abandoning of state projects by elected governments.

He said such an initiative would ensure that governments of the day completed projects of their predecessor.

“The challenge is that we don’t have a national agenda, so one party does this and the other decides not to continue. However, if we have a national agenda projects would continue and wouldn’t be an NDC or NPP thing,” he reiterated.

Mr Richard Asante-Amoah, Lead, CISCM, said the event formed part of their periodic meeting to review supply-chain management practices among players in the sector.

He said supply-chain involved the process of getting one’s demands met through the varying supply stages, adding that, within the sector, there are professionals in planning, procurement, freighting, logistics, among others.

He said the Institute had the objective of driving governance systems to ensure value for money through probing activities such as contracts and projects.

“We will be to partnering government and policy makers to adopt integrated supply-chain management system in the implementation of national projects,” he added.

He said they had plans to bring the informal sector on board as affiliates, adding that, the sector played a huge role in national development.

Source: Ghana News Agency



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