The core mandate of Supreme Court judges is to dispense justice, any other objective is secondary


The Caucus for Democratic Governance-Ghana (CDG-GH), has observed with interest the desperate efforts of the Supreme Court panel to control issues of interrogatories; using predetermined direction and directives, not relevant to law, as basis.


The reason for the rejection of interrogatories from lead lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata, was “speed”. The court has set time limits to deliver Judgement. For this reason, case Management Conference (CMC) has been imposed by the court, so the targeted “speed” would be achieved.


For the purpose of “speed”, hearing will continue even before expected applications are submitted. The desire for “speed”, led the court to reduce the 5 days time limit set for pre-trial of C. I. 99 to one day. If indeed “speed” is such a vital objective; more than C. I. 99, it would then be fair to suggest, that the court goes ahead to deliver its verdict on the basis of “speed”, using written Petition and Respondents answers before it.

“Speed” or Justice

The question many Ghanaians are asking is: Which is more important to the Supreme Court Panel – “Speed” or Justice? Where true Justice is a core mandate, “speed” becomes secondary. Indeed the search for Justice to bring Ghana the needed peace and stability, makes the craze for “speed” an abject absurdity. In our view, the Judges appear less interested to dispense true Justice. Indeed they seek to crucify true Justice with “Speed”.
It is important for the Supreme Court Panel to admit that there is no causal relationship between Justice and “speed”. Indeed an attempt to limit time reduced the quality of Justice in all its dimensions.

Quote from lawyer Tsikata

CDG-GH agrees with lead lawyer, eminent Tsatsu Tsikata when he said, and I quote “Justice must not be sacrificed for expedition” unquote, it is dangerous for our democracy.

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Source: Ghana Web



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