The Barstow School opens in Accra

The Barstow School is delighted to announce and welcome the newest member of the Barstow Network of Schools. The Barstow School of Ghana. This School is a satellite campus of the Barstow School of Kansas City and is a member of the Barstow School’s global outreach program. The Barstow School founded in 1884 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, hosts numerous global programs including:

The Barstow School – Kansas City, Missouri

The Barstow School – IDEA Space, Kansas

The Barstow School – Barstow Global Online

The Barstow School – Ningbo Campus, China

The Barstow School – Haishu Campus, China

The Barstow School – Ghana Campus, Ghana

We welcome students from Ghana to take advantage of the many opportunities and programs available at The Barstow School of Ghana. From early childhood education to high school graduation, The Barstow School of Ghana offers students an unparalleled opportunity to explore the world locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Students graduating from The Barstow School of Ghana will receive a US diploma, recognized globally for undergraduate entrance into universities and colleges.

The Barstow School of Ghana is governed by a board of trustees and is overseen by the president of The Barstow Schools, Shane Foster. Highly qualified local administrators and teachers support student progress and are supported in turn by the faculty and staff of The Barstow School of Kansas City.

On behalf of the entire network of Bartow Schools, welcome to The Barstow School of Ghana. I look forward to meeting and working with your family.

Not Spectators.

This is how I sum up the Barstow difference. We take kids out of the classroom and put them in the world, out of the audience, and onto the stage, off the bleachers, and into the game.

How do we do this? We admit curious, passionate learners. We attract and retain faculty who are much more than teachers. Whether we’re learning in-person, online, or a blend of both, our school community is creative, connected, and resilient.

Innovative thinking is part of our culture. We see how the freedom to try new things leads to moments of discovery and progress. We encourage students to brainstorm original ideas, test them, refine them, and learn from both successes and failures. If you are a curious, passionate learner, welcome to The Barstow School.

Source: Ghana Web