Te second wave of coronavirus on study abroad plans

It is a well-known and acceptable fact that nothing in history has hit the world within the same time as the coronavirus. By March 2020 we all woke up to the realization that there was a pandemic that was not going to go away any time soon.

COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted health, economy and psychosocial well-being. Measures to curb the impact of the pandemic such as wearing masks, social/physical distancing, avoiding large gatherings, washing of hands with soap and water and the cleaning of hands with sanitizer have limited the further spread of the disease; yet the disease still persists.

Before the start of 2021 and to date we still see the spread of the virus leading many to change plans, lockdowns, COVID-19 tests relating to travel and the emergence of vaccines.

With vaccines now available there is a better feeling of hope for the management of the pandemic. Many institutions of higher learning are engaging in studies that will add to the vaccines already named or other measures to tackle or curb the pandemic.

This is the time to study abroad. You may be part of the success story-an alumni of the institution of the discovery or might have lived and studied in the city or country.

Whatever we decide to do in terms of further study, it is important to take into consideration the best study abroad options that will set career goals and perspectives in the right state-of-the-art, up to date and modern ways of impactful learning outcomes.

Traveling the world as a student is an incredible opportunity, whether it is for a week, semester, summer school or a full year. Studying abroad helps one learn new languages, appreciate other cultures, overcome the challenges of living in another country and gain a greater understanding of the world.

These are all things that modern businesses usually look for when hiring, and such traits will only become more important in everyday life should one experience studying abroad.

A few months ago a new variant of COVID-19 was reported and since then, other variants have also appeared as the various keep mutating. The South African variant, the UK variant and others have caused many to be apprehensive about travelling abroad.

These new variants are often referred to as the second wave of the disease and has caused many to raise questions about whether studying abroad plans will be deeply affected.

In 2020 the year of the pandemic when many of us did know much about what the pandemic or various was, what to expect and what to do, the popularity of study abroad programs endured.

Many students still got accepted in institutions, some waited to travel to the countries of their institutions when lock down measures were lifted. They had done all that was necessary and began studying online.

Others also waited until their courses began in due time and travelled abroad to begin their study. Some still continue online study with few face to face interactions (blended learning).

Today many people are interested and ready to train and prepare themselves for the future in order to add significant values to their lives, future career goals and experiences. International education, experience and exposure is important for a student’s future.

Learning in the environment of your institution opens up what one normally would have not imagined or comprehended. One student said that “I’m an open book and will be sharing lessons learned about my journey in this new environment; though it is not much of a face to face experience”
At Education Consult Solutions Ltd (EduSol), we maintain excellent relations with our partner institutions and students.

Our students who travel to study abroad receive the necessary counselling, planning, travel, living, studying abroad information and pre departure briefing before departure.

If you choose to study abroad you learn and live many different practices that you may not have thought of in your home country and in your comfort. You unearth potentials in you that you didn’t know. You get acquainted with state of the art techniques that are important for your future.

You have wonderful international friends and family that will impact your life and that of others in future. Students in international education mostly exhibit specialized expertise that are needed for today’s global job market.

If you are planning to study abroad COVID-19 is real and the second wave is not a joke, YES! But it still hasn’t stopped others to study abroad and neither will it stop you because Education Solutions Consult Ltd (EduSol) is here to take you through the right processes.

We will assist all your study abroad needs- education and career counseling, choosing the right university and location, applying for the right visa category, traveling and arriving safely at your preferred study destination is very paramount to us.

There isn’t much we can control about the coronavirus now. We only have to be corona alert and take into account the necessary measures to curb being infected and to stop the spread.

We will move forward as circumstances allow, working closely with you and other stakeholders to make you well prepared for the journey ahead.

In a world where change is the constant, there is one thing that will remain unchanged, our commitment to you, to support you, and give you the best opportunities we can.

We shape your future in this challenging time of COVID-19 and its second wave. You can still travel to Study Abroad.

We make it happen!

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