Statement from Prof Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang on International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day right after Independence Day allows us to connect the profile and welfare of women with nation-building, and I acknowledge all women from our various sectors such as mining, security and agriculture through health, education and industry to homes, offices, markets, beaches and many others for making tremendous contributions to our national life.

One effective way of developing a nation is to direct resources toward the development of women. Apart from the fact that women form majority of our population, women connect directly with other aspects of development.

For example, because women tend to be the principal agents of primary education and primary healthcare, money channeled into the welfare of women will mean better education and health sectors.

Again, women run the informal financial sector through the various markets spread across the country – receiving resources ensures that our economy will necessarily advance. A focus on improving the wellbeing of women translates into advancing toward a successful nation.

We choose to challenge all funders, policymakers and planners, and all governments to prioritize the needs of women, considering the positive rippling effect that this focus will have on true sustained national development. This is a powerful way to make our nation great and strong.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Source: Ghana Web



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