Sme 24 COVID-19 patients receiving treatment at Volta Isolation Centre

Ho Dr Davidson Iroko, Medical Officer-in-charge of the Volta Regional COVID-19 Isolation Centre, an extension of the Ho Teaching Hospital (HTH) has disclosed that some 24 patients are currently undergoing treatment at the Centre.

He said their cases are mild but seven of them who are in severe to critical condition with underlying conditions are on ventilators at the ICU at the main HTH.

He disclosed that a seven-year-old patient, who demonstrated mild symptoms was also receiving treatment at the Centre.

Dr Iroko made these disclosures when the Volta Regional Directorate of the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) presented some assorted cocoa products to the frontline medical workers at the Centre.

He said there were some discharges though.

He disclosed that the new wave of the virus is much more complicated, tougher and stressful to manage.

Dr Iroko said the facilities are seeing more cases, and some deaths and patients with underlying conditions come in severely ill “coupled with the inadequate number of frontline health workers adds to “our jeopardy.

“Many are stressed up and suffering from over-working and from long hours of service to our clients.”

He called for prayers and God’s protection for frontline workers as anything being done medically and physically has its limitations.

Dr Iroko called on all especially the media, traditional and religious authorities to lead a relentless crusade to create the needed awareness on the pandemic and the need to mainstream the safety protocols to reduce the infection levels.

Mrs Innocentia Gborgblorvor, Acting Director of Nursing Services thanked the GTA for their forthrightness saying the donation would go a long to motivate staff to thrive with the exigencies.

She appealed to corporate, private and public organisations as well as philanthropists to emulate the example of GTA.

She believed in the face of inadequate staff strength due to COVID-19 infections on the job, such benevolence would stimulate and empower staff that the public was on their side in this fight should be shared responsibility.

Source: Ghana News Agency



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