Revive Ga-Dangme culture through music – Sakumobi Dantl

Tema– Mr Derrick Agoe, a Ga Afro-Traditional Music Artist on Friday called on upcoming musicians to use their talents and creativity to promote the Ga-Dangme culture.

Mr Agoe, with the stage name Sakumobi Dantl, told the Ghana News Agency at Tema that the Ga culture was losing its relevance and needed efforts to revive it through diverse mediums.

He said, with the nose-diving of patronage of the Ga-Dangme language and culture he was inspired to use his talent through singing to remind his people of the essence of protecting the culture and tradition of the Ga Ancestors.

“The Ga-Dangme language and culture even within the indigenous Ga communities were fading, I feel like our culture is almost dead and Gas in the Creative Arts industry need to revive it,” Mr Agoe noted.

He added, that in the course of letting the Ga-Dangme culture stand on its feet he had incorporated some of the traditions and appellations in his songs.

Mr Agoe revealed that some of the reasons the Ga-Dangme culture was dying was the fact that Ga songs are not patronized by even those same Ga-Dangme members.

He said it is very important for them to promote the Ga-Dangme songs to preserve our culture.

“Our people seemed to be killing our culture, they don’t speak it or exhibit their culture even in their jurisdictions. Let’s promote our culture wherever we find ourselves, speak the language with your children and other tribes within the Greater Accra territory,” he stated.

“As my name implied Sakumobi, means the son of Sakumo which is a lagoon, a deity that protects the Ga-Dangmes especially the people of Tema. Once I am a Ga that is my lineage,” he revealed.

He added that Sakumono is the lagoon where purifications and sanctifications are made before the people of Tema started their festival.

Source: Ghana News Agency



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