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Regain Hope donates books and food to Senior Correctional Centre

Accra, Dec 09, GNA – Regain Hope, a nongovernmental organization with supports prisoner rehabilitation, has donated Christian books and gari packages to inmates of the Senior Correctional Centre, formerly known as Borstal Institute, located in Accra.

The team also donated books to the James Camp Prison.

The items, which were presented by Reverend Professor Ivy Drafor-Amenyah, Executive Director, Regain Hope, included 250 individually packaged gari with roasted groundnut, sugar and milk to all the inmates at the Senior Correctional Centre.

Three hundred copies of Rev Prof Drafor-Amenyah’s two books, “More than Treasures of Gold” and “Your Life in the Supernatural” were presented to the inmates and officers at the Senior Correctional Centre and the James Camp Prison.

Rev Prof Drafor-Amenyah, who is also an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and a teacher of God’s Word, in her message to the boys (inmates) quoted Jesus as saying “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”.

She told the boys that, “You have gone through a lot and some of you are tired. But there is hope for your future. It shall be well with you and your future will be bright”.

She urged them to be obedient to the officers and be guided; declaring that, “it will make things easy and smooth for you”.

“Decide to have a good heart and a clear mind.”

She assured them that “Jesus loved them and that God has their best interest at heart.”

Rev Prof Drafor-Amenyah encouraged the boys who were in school to remain focused, study hard, and look towards a good future.

She advised them to be aware that some of them might become the President of Ghana, work in the UN, AU and other high places.

She encouraged them to read the books being presented to them and that the team would come and discuss it with them.

The Executive Director lauded the officers of the two facilities for the labour and contributions towards transforming the lives of the young people in their care.

Addressing the Officers, she said: “Many of you have labored and are very tired. Jesus wants you to come to Him and find rest. That you hand over all your burdens to Him. He has power to handle all your challenges. Life is tough. The burdens of life can affect the quality and impact of your work with the boys. But if you can hand them over to the Lord, you will have a clear mind to be a blessing to these boys.”

With regards to the two books, Rev Prof Drafor-Amenyah said “Your Life in the Supernatural” lets the reader fill find that he/she does not need anything like juju or talisman on the body or under the seat to be safe.

“The Holy Spirit is capable and enough to keep you safe from all forms of spiritual danger. You will love this book as it is easy to read and enjoyable.”

She said the book “More than Treasures of Gold” helped the reader to dig for riches in God’s Word.

She intimated that the more one reads God’s Word, the better his/her life becomes.

Assistant Director of Prison (ADP) Millicent Owusu, the Officer In-Charge (OIC) of the Senior Correctional Centre, who received the items at the Centre, expressed gratitude to Regain Hope for the kind gesture.

Deputy Director of Prisons (DDP) Raphael Tuekpe, the OIC of James Camp Prison, was also grateful to the organization for the books.

Mr Frank Dogbatsey, a partner of Regain Hope, said their aim was to give an opportunity to every inmate to know Jesus as their Lord and personal Savoiur.

Source: Ghana News Agency