Today January 23, 2022

Presbyterian Clergy: Violence and conflict are very cancerous

Tema,- Violence and conflict are very dangerous and can impede national development, the clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, the Reverend Doctor Godwin Nii Noi Odonkor, has stated.

He made the statement at a national peace project workshop of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana organised for the Presbytery Directors of Ecumenical and Social Relations (ESR).

Rev. Dr Odonkor said there was the need to curtail individual conflicts, which could generate communal conflicts, adding the Church had a role to play in ensuring that individuals, families, communities and national conflicts were minimized if not eradicated.

Rev Dr Odonkor said the Church was organising a series of workshops and consultations to keep its officers, leadership and members abreast with the various sectors of national life.

“This is to help add value to our national issues by the Church so that as leaders they can address national issues,” he said.

He said there was the need to advocate for peace, teach, preach and pursue peace at all times and this must be a corporate responsibility both for the Church and for all stakeholders.

He noted that the absence of conflict meant that there was peace rather, the actions and deeds of the people must promulgate peace.

Rev Dr Odonkor said, “we have made gains in building a peaceful country, coexisting in peace and we must not take it for granted, we need to shine to consolidate our peace which is a total wholeness of the entire creation of God.”

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana has always been involved in championing the cause of peace and they will continue to pursue this just cause.

He indicated citizens had a part to play in promoting peace and tranquillity because no community, Church, family, couple, society or organisation could develop without peace and peaceful coexistence.

Rev Dr Odonkor said all citizens must work towards peace, the Church must influence the community positively and not allow any other social vices to influence the church.

He also charged all the ESR directors for the Presbytery to develop actionable plans to lead their Presbyteries to promote peace.

He also admonished that, they draw focus on proper policies both in the church and in the Nation that will help position the young people to take full responsibility for their future.

“Train and prepare them as leaders who can take over the affairs of both the nations and the Church,” he called “on the older folks to reason with the youth so that the youth would be better prepared and positioned for greater assignments ahead of them.”

Source: Ghana News Agency



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