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Pastors asked to work closely with trained psychologists

Accra, Nov.24, GNA—The Most Reverend Titus Awotwi Pratt, Former Presiding Bishop, Methodist Church, Ghana, has urged the Christian community, particularly Ministers of the Gospel, to work closely with trained and certified psychologists to assist traumatised church members.

“We as Ministers can only use scriptures to help people but qualified psychologists are able to do more than what we have to offer. Let us not think of ourselves as experts and try doing everything. Let us employ the services of psychologists. Let us leave it to the experts,” he said.

Most Rev Pratt gave the advice on Wednesday at the Trauma Healing Community of Practice Programme organised by the Bible Society of Ghana (BSG) in Accra.

The event was on the theme: “Dealing with Generational Trauma: The Church’s Perspective.”

He said one could identify a traumatised person when he or she demonstrated behavioural change.

The Man of God said whist some traumatised people voiced out about what they were going through, others chose to hold back.

That, he said was partly because they were not even aware that an incident they encountered had triggered trauma in them.

He said traumatised people were usually easily angered, panicked even when there weren’t any triggers, had suicidal tendencies, went through anxiety, depression or repulsion, were reserved and engaged in substance abuse, amongst others.

Most Rev Pratt said to receive healing from trauma, one had to first accept the reality and admit that he or she needed help.

He said the person must also submit him or herself to receive help or go through counselling sessions.

He said it was also important for the traumatised person to put in efforts to stay away from past guilts.

Mrs Matilda Amissah-Arthur, Vice President, BSG, said all humans were prone to traumatic tendencies, irrespective of one’s age or race.

She said trauma should not be perceived as a spiritual phenomenon and should be addressed using practical strategies.

“Trauma is not a church thing or spiritual. People going through trauma do not need to be preached to. They want to hear things that would cheer them up and bring relief. Jesus did not always go about preaching. He sometimes addressed the physical need of his congregation,” she added.

Source: Ghana News Agency