“Our leader fulfilled his Christian calling” – Church members recount

Accra, – Members of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Accra, have recounted the exemplary Christian life their late leader Bishop T.

B Joshua lived on earth.

Some members of the church in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) said their leader had faithfully fulfilled his calling and had gone to meet his maker in heaven.

Ms Princess Emeka, a member of the church, said their leader was a good shepherd who cared for his sheep, and taught them the right way to Christian living.

She said the news had come to them with shock and sorrow, however, they were hopeful their leader was at the right side of his maker.

Mrs Agnes Nkansah, who was also a member, said the passing of their leader had brought a deep vacuum in the body of Christ.

She called on members to continually practise the teachings they had been taught by their late Pastor.

Mr Emmanuel Goodwill, also a member of the church, called on all members to unite in love in this time of grief.

He said their leader had gone to be with his maker and it was time for them to also live a fulfilling Christian life as he did.

The GNA observed that the atmosphere at the church premises was solemn with members moving in and out to pray at the altar of the church.

The praying at the altar had been the practice at the church since the lockdown period.

This had replaced the usual Sunday morning Church Service held particularly during this COVID-19 pandemic.

At the time GNA arrived at the premises, the leaders of the church were not available.

Source: Ghana News Agency



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