’Our doctrines remain unshakable’, – E. P. Church Moderator

Ho Right Reverend Dr Lt. Col. (Rtd) Bliss Divine Agbeko, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana has assured members that he will maintain the doctrine of the Church and not attempt to reinvent the wheel.

He disclosed to, however, contribute to new dimensions, reviews, modifications, and methodologies for practical operationalisation of its activities in modern time.

“There is a great passion in my heart about the urgent need for a revival in the Church,” he said.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Lt. Col. Agbeko said this in a pastoral letter to all Presbytery Moderators of the Church dated February 8, this year, headed “Revive Us Again, O Lord.”

He said there was an enormous decline in people’s charitable participation in the life of the Church as well as an increasing encroachment of secular thinking and practices.

The Moderator said these were deviations from the fundamentals of the early missionary concept and practice of selflessness, devotion, community love, sacrifice, and voluntary service.

“We are not in normal times but it will not do us any good if we continue to rely on our accustomed way of doing things if we want new, more effective, and beneficial results for posterity,” he said.

The Moderator called on members to evaluate and adjust to their own circumstances in their missionary community in their catchment areas and create missionary awareness.

He allayed the fears of members, who thought the Church would lose the battle against the ever increasing hostile culture and asked them to rely on the Holy Spirit for a powerful renewal that would enliven the Church.

The Moderator called on the Church to evaluate its institutional resources and determine what were likely to be the most effective ones going forward.

He paid a glowing tribute to his predecessors for their selfless devotion to the Church.

“So far as life and time continue, we shall remember them, indeed with their work we shall remember them,” he said.

Source: Ghana News Agency



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