Orkin LLC establishes franchise in Ghana

Atlanta-based pest control company Orkin LLC has on 3rd March 2020 established its first franchise in Ghana.

Addressing stakeholders in an online meeting, the Director-of Orkin Ghana Sydney Sam indicated, the presence of Orkin LLC in the country will lead industries to expect and accept international standards of pest control as enjoyed by companies operating in Europe and the Americas.

According to him, Orkin will not lower its high standards in Ghana, but will rather drive the sector to attain the standards that we will provide in the country.

He further indicated the introduction of Orkin will therefore create even more indirect jobs and impact positively on national employment drives and help more families have meaningful livelihoods.

The Orkin brand is now represented in over 62 countries through a network of over 90 global franchises. “The new Ghana franchise will offer commercial and residential pest control, and termite services” Sydney Sam added.

Caspar Appledoorn, added that Orkin LLC is pleased to expand the brand and services in Ghana and ready to provide customers there with high-quality pest control services.

Franchise employees will travel to Atlanta, Orkin’s U.S. headquarters, for initial training at the company’s award-winning training center before returning to Africa to complete their training.

“We are proud to partner with Orkin and bring world-class pest control services to Ghanaian businesses and residents,” said Mr. George Ekow Hagan, marketing and operations manager for Orkin Ghana.

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Source: Ghana Web



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