’Only God changes gears’ – Mr Fiawoo

Ho, – Mr Saviour Fiawoo, a preacher of Church of Christ, Ho Central has said that Christians should know that God ‘shift gears’ according to the seasons to guide mankind’s pathways.

He said that before the Israelites entered the Promised Land, God provided the people with constant food freebies (Manna from heaven), water from rocks and meat to sustain them.

He said that when they arrived in the Promised Land, there was cessation of the divine phenomenon, but rather God blessed the toil of the people manifesting in little efforts.

Mr Fiawoo, who was preaching the sermon on, “Shifting Gears,” said Christians should not focus on locked doors, but be more determined to find opened doors or low fruits that yield productivity.

“During the time of wilderness, God directs the supplies of divine food freebie from heaven in miraculous ways,” it can be helped from people.

He said “when God shut the door of the supplies, He provides a place of productivity, where one can work for him or herself to get new supplies.”

Mr Fiawoo said, “When you are working harder beyond the days of the Manna to make progress, the enemy will try to pull you down, but remember God will defend you at all times.”

He said, “God does not want Christians to be children and spoon-fed forever, he wants them to grow in order to be well-productive, established and share His reason for the stoppage of divine freebies.

He urged Christians to therefore adapt to the seasons and adjust.

Source: Ghana News Agency



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