Onde launches acceleration program for ride-hailing startups

Onde, a ride-hailing SaaS company launches a business accelerator for aspiring entrepreneurs and existing taxi companies,Onde Ride-Hailing Factory, that will set off in March 2021.

The program will teach the partakers to launch and grow a sustainable app-based ride-hailing business. Participation in the program is free of charge.

Onde Ride-hailing factory is an acceleration program for those who plan to build a ride-hailing service from scratch or those who need to innovate within an existing taxi company.

The accelerator features coaching in product development, marketing and scaling, leadership, fundraising, and establishing business partnerships. During the program, participants will become a part of Onde’s network of ride-hailing business founders and stakeholders.

The accelerator program will take place online, allowing entrepreneurs from all around the world to be a part of it. To apply, one only needs an idea of a ride-hailing business to present. No prior experience is required. The accelerator is meant for participants to shape and test a minimal viable product.

Onde Ride-hailing factory accelerator is a part of Onde’s effort to disrupt the industry of transportation and mobility. The company’s mission is to make cutting-edge technologies available for local entrepreneurs, who know much more about the ways of allowing communities to profit from innovation than multinational ride-hailing giants.

The accelerator, covering every theme in business development from testing an MVP to attracting investments, is aimed at daring entrepreneurs who want to build sustainable, resilient ride-hailing companies.

Source: Ghana Web



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