Today January 18, 2022

Obedience to leaders key to showing love to God— Islamic Cleric

Sheikh Ibrahim Mustapha, the Chairman of the Islamic Council for Development and Humanitarian Services (ICODEHS) on Thursday said one of the important tenants of Islamic is obedience to authority and the leaders in the society.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Tema, Sheikh Mustapha said, it is compulsory to obey and respect leaders “as long as they do not command us to disobey Allah and his Prophet Mohammed”.

According to the Islamic scholar, Prophet Mohammed admonished followers to consider it is a duty to obey authorities whether they like it or not unless they want to command sinful disobedience.

“If they command sinful disobedience, there is no listening or obedience to them,” he said.

Sheikh Mustapha emphasised that the issue is not about leaders being fallible or infallible instead it’s about being obedient to those who have been given authority over us.

He said “obeying brings unity and strength” noted being obedient to leaders sometimes may be challenging, because “we may not always understand the reason why they take some decisions” and encouraged the followers to still stick and obey their decisions.

“Love for Allah motivates our obedience and our obedience increase our love for Allah which attracts a lot of blessings from Allah,” he said.

Source: Ghana News Agency



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